Bloggers Risk Extradition – Bone-Head Belgium’s ‘Sexist’ Censorship!

 Jogchum Vrielink has a job which in normal circumstances would make me very circumspect about endorsing anything he says.

To hear that he’s employed as a coordinator at the University of Leuven’s Centre for Discrimination Law and Diversity Legislation makes you think he might well be what I usually dismiss as a PC pinko.


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  • Words like discrimination and diversity these days are like red flags, warning us that sticky-beak bullies are on the prowl, harassing people who exercise their right to hire, fire, or even let rooms to people they choose.

Why should a devout Muslim have to hire a Christian, if he feels more at ease in the company of his own creed? Or vice versa?

Remember some guy advertised for a Scots cook and got hauled over the coals?


As I’ve often said, if somebody so dislikes Ulster-Scots, or men of mature years, or left-handed individuals, that they won’t employ me or rent me an apartment to live in, I reckon it’s THEIR loss, and I’d treat them the same way.

But I wouldn’t go whining to some gestapoid ‘equality’ commission.

Life is tough, and so it should be – being aggrieved or upset over somebody else’s prejudices is natural enough, but the state should not have anything to do with it.

However, in Brussels, the  state now has a LOT to do with it.

And I’m not talking about the EUSSR, for once!

Nor are we talking aout hiring or firing or accommodation.

In March this year, the Belgian parliament passed the Anti-Sexism Act (Antiseksismewet), which bans sexist speech from public life, be it in books, magazines or on the internet.

Sexist speech? On the internet?


Bravo, Yummy Nikita – Naked Defiance of IslamoNazis! 

Nikita Mirzani


Heaven forfend! Not something we’d ever sink to!

And just as well!

….as long as there is someone in Belgium who is exposed to speech they deem ‘sexist’, under the terms of the new law it will be possible for that individual to instigate criminal proceedings. This means that any speech or form of expression that merely reaches Belgium could be subject to prosecution.


I just checked my stats and some 402 people in Belgium have tuned into RRA over the past year.  It may be, of course, that Van Rompuy, Barroso and Co. zoom to my blog each day as they finish their Continental Breakfasts in their Brussels EUSSR HQ – who knows? 

Probably not, since there has been no extradition demand so far from Belgium’s bold gendarmes!


Wow! Blue Bird Beauties! What Next, Sexy Ojeks? 


Nor has this RRA post provoked any Brussels sprouting of thought-police action!


While it is unlikely that anyone will ever be extradited to Belgium to face sexist-speech charges, the new law still raises the spectre of international censorship. So Belgian broadcasters and internet service providers may be forced to block websites….

My poor Belgian readers!


Islamist Apparatchik Plucks Hot Chick from Dangdut Bar! 


Some weirdos might even suggest that the above post’s title smacks of sexism! 

Your man Vrielink is the author of the article in which has enlivened my blog-day, and he talks surprising sense, explaing that the wise Belgian legislators went totally OTT in response to a  2012 documentary by filmmaker Sofie Peeters.

Sofie – is she a cutie, I wonder; must scan Google for a sexy pic! – provided an eye-opening account of everyday sexism and sexual intimidation in the Belgian capital, featuring continuous catcalls and wolf whistles, and frequent jeers of ‘whore!’, ‘slut!’ and ‘how much?!’


IslamoNazis Slur Miss World Girls – ‘Whore Contest!’ 

Only scumbags use that kind of language


Something wrong, surely, when nasty insults like ‘whore’ and ‘slut’ are bracketed with harmless appreciative whistles.


And as Vrielink notes, since the new law specifies any speech which may  ‘reduce someone to his or her sexual dimension,’  it is tantamount to a ban on chatting up a chick – ooops, there I go again!! 

Flirting will be rendered all but impossible, since saying that a man or woman is ‘really attractive’ already seems to ‘reduce them to their sexual dimension…’

Even cutie Sofie has advised against this moronic law, which Vrielink sensibly concludes will create unprecedented censorship capabilities.

Indeed! He also comments on its likely effect on the publication of the holy books of various religions.

Read it!

And make sure your own countries don’t follow Belgium down Insanity Alley! 


PS     Hey, I found Sofie, and she IS cute!