‘Peaceful Protest?’ – Ingrate Crimmigrants Amok Again?

Another amok-run by ‘asylum’ savages  resentful of their free meals and free lodgings on Christmas Island.

And the enemy within is beside itself at the fact the.rioters may have been taught a well-earned lesson – the ungrateful violent scumbags came off decidedly the worse.

‘‘They went in and they have been pretty brutal from all accounts,’’ advocate Pamela Curr said. ‘‘They bashed men with batons. The men have injuries on their hands and arms from trying to shield their faces.’’ 



  • So this agitator reckons the perpetrators of insurrectionist mayhem should have been politely asked to stop the riot?

No way, Cur – they got what they deserved. 

And that naturally has the Green Gargoyle, Hanson-Young, prattling about how upset she is about the outcome of the ‘peaceful protest!’http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/asylum-seekers-injured-in-clash-with-security-staff-on-christmas-island-20140603-39gkf.html 


tears sarah-hanson-young  Green Gargoyle


I imagine if she’d been around when the Japanese bombed Darwin during WWII, she’d have been up in arms at any attempts by the Australian armed services to take effective action against THOSE invaders too!

The woman does tend to make one want to vomit.

But as Scott Morrison rightly brushed off her babbling, he can take pride in the results of the latest poll on the crimmigrant issue,  which shows what most rational people already knew, Aussie support for the Government’s policy of turning round bludger-boats stands at over SEVENTY per cent! 

Abbott should capitalise on this support and begin deportations promptly.