Newark’s Warning to UKIP – Stop Back-Sliding, Fire Crowther!

It certainly wasn’t a defeat.

The Newark result shows that UKIP is capable of rocking the establishment, hammering a ‘safe’ Tory seat’s majority down to the narrowest of margins, despite what one newspaper described as an ‘invasion’ by Westminster hit-men.



Roger Helmer – awaiting extradition to Brussels? Bloggers Risk Extradition – Bone-Head Belgium’s ‘Sexist’ Censorship! 


I also read somewhere that Cameron ‘ordered ‘ every Conservative MP to come to that hitherto unremarkable constituency. And despite that, and the running-dog media doing its now familiar dirty work, Roger Helmer achieved a splendid vote. As the Telegraph reports 

Mr Farage said that the Conservatives’ majority in the seat looked to have been cut from 16,000 in 2010 to just 2,500 in the by-election.

No way can the in-crowd claim the UKIP bubble has burst. Although they are already trying to! A Tory win threatens to stop the momentum of the party, which last week won the European Parliament elections.

Fat chance, Torygraph!

And yet….

There is a whiff of appeasement in the upper echelons of what can still fairly be termed the People’s Party.

We saw signs of it when Helmer seemed to back-track on his admirable dissing of the deviant lobby.





James Delingpole, writing in the Spectator, gives a perfect xof Crowther’s unfitness, describing…

…the party’s official response to a local newspaper interview given by Donna Rachel Edmunds, one of Ukip’s new councillors in Lewes, East Sussex, in which she argued — on perfectly sound libertarian principles — that businesses should be free to choose their customer base.

So ardent Christian hoteliers should be at liberty to turn away gay couples as Jewish shopkeepers should be to refuse service to neo-Nazis.

Ukip’s chairman Steve Crowther described this as ‘beyond what is acceptable.’.

What a total ASS Crowther is!

Grubbing for the mincing vote, no thought for how he risks forfeiting the thousands, millions, maybe, who rallied to UKIP in the belief that it was unwilling to knuckle under to the ‘gaystapo’ inquisition.

Delingpole puts it rather neatly.

Ukip will only succeed — and deserve to succeed — if it becomes the party of everyone. (Everyone apart from the quango-crats and Eurocrats and human rights lawyers and corporatists and renewable energy rent-seekers and welfare scroungers currently being catered for very nicely by LibLabCon).