Ex Laskar Jihad Murder-Gang ‘Commander’ – “We Must Love War!”

If you’re a decent Indonesian, of any creed, this is the face of your enemy.


Jafar Umar Thalib


  • At the tablig (gathering), Ja’far, a former commander of the now-defunct Laskar Jihad paramilitary group that was allegedly involved in bloody conflicts in Ambon, Maluku, repeatedly called on Muslims to wage jihad against so-called infidels and pluralism.
  • He said pluralism had the potential to cause conflict as it taught that all religions were equally right and that was not the case.Ja’far also said Islam was “a religion of war” and that Muslims had to love war. If they did not, Ja’far went on, they needed to question why they were Muslims.

Thanks be, he speaks for none of the Muslims whose company I enjoy out on the town or as welcome guests in my home. 




It seems odd the JP uses the word allegedly to talk about these foul LJ savages’ role in the outer islands of Indonesia.  I have mentioned them before, and here’s what I said in 

IslamoNazis Ready for War Against Christians in Maluku 

Last time round, elements of Indonesia’s security forces facilitated the invasion of the one-time capital of the break-away Republic of the South Moluccas, Ambon, by vicious Muslim gangsters like LaskarJihad.

  • I was pretty new here then and was shocked by a Jakarta Post photo of L.K brigands being WELCOMED home at Surabaya harbour after their blood-thirsty rampage against the Christians across the water.

The late President Gus Dur had ordered his men to block the scum’s jihad but high-ranking traitors ignored their commander-in-chief’s orders…

The scurvy thugs had been egged on by senior politicans, and an account of their evil forays can be found at this link.    http://www.watsoninstitute.org/bjwa/archive/9.1/Indonesia/Schulze.pdf


What’s encouraging is that this monstrous man’s intolerance has been promptly condemned, not so much by its non-Muslim targets as by honourable, civilised Muslims. 

Responding to Ja’far’s words, Abdul Muhaimin, the owner of Nurul Ummahat Islamic boarding school in Kotagede, Yogyakarta, called on Muslims not to listen to such preaching. “It’s not preaching. It’s provocation,” he said.



Muhaimin has appeared on RRA before. A good guy!


Intolerant Islamist ‘Scholars’ Condemned – by a REAL Scholar! 

He added that what Ja’far conveyed at the gathering was not religious understanding but ideological understanding motivated by political interests.

Muhaimin is also chairman of the Yogyakarta Interfaith Brotherhood Forum (FPUB).

“If a criminal dimension is identified, the police can take legal action,” said Samsudin, quoting Article 156(a) of the Criminal Code (KUHP) that carries a maximum penalty of five years’ imprisonment for showing hostility in public and defaming religion.

Well, you can bet your boots that the police up there won’t be rushing to arrest this cur. Their record is beyond doubt, sad to say.



Expressions of regret were also conveyed by the chairman of Masjid Gedhe, Budi Setiawan…he did not expect Ja’far to preach in that manner, especially after he asked the organizing committee not to use a provocative theme for the tablig following recent sectarian violence committed in Yogyakarta.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/06/10/stop-provocative-speech-muslim-leaders-activists.html

Very depressing, given how Jogja, under its sensible Sultan, used to be one of the most tolerant cities, and areas, in Indonesia.

But also nice to hear those decent Muslims speaking up!