Malaysia Truly Arabia – Shariah Gestapo Drag Bride From Wedding!

malaysia-truly-asia-300x271arabia   For God’s sake! Have you ever heard the like of this toe-rag’s arrogance?



oooooooooooooooooo Malaysia Insider Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom


Datuk Seri Khir Baharom is a minister in the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Department and he reckons the rest of the world should hold our collective tongues while moronic storm-troops aka Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais)  ride rough-shod over basic human rights in his pathetic back-water


He asked critics not to get embroiled in matters that did not involve them.


No way, you bigot!

Every adult woman has the right to marry any adult man, assuming neither already has a spouse, and assuming they’re not kin enough to incur charges of incest. 

I’ll ignore the sexist polygamy cr#p which affords men unequal rights to indulge their sexual appetites – that’s a primitive predeliction not worthy of debate.


======= polygamy Polygamous creep



“Of course, to me, they were only carrying out their duty responsibly in a matter which affects Muslims, and have used wisdom in settling the case which involves Islam.”


Who the Hell does this buffoon think he is?

It doesn’t matter WHAT religion anybody is – he or she still has the right to marry whomsoever.

If a Muslim girl wants to marry a Hindu, or a Baptist, or an atheist, that’s her business, not the concern of a clique of jumped-up jerks masquerading as a ‘court.’ So what’s sparked my indignation tonight?


  • Guests at Zarinah Abdul Majid’s wedding in Petaling Jaya had a shock when religious officers and police disrupted it and dragged the bride to Shah Alam for questioning on her religious status on Sunday. – The Malaysian Insider pic, June 4, 2014.

Goons  swoop on Hindu wedding


  • In the controversy in Selangor, Jais disrupted the wedding ceremony of 32-year-old bride Zarinah Abdul Majid at a Hindu temple in Petaling Jaya after receiving reports that Zarinah could be a Muslim.
  • FYO  – Jais is the Islamist goon-squad.

Checks on Zarinah’s MyKad showed that she was Muslim and Jais officers took her away for questioning. 

  • However, the bride said her father (father) who had abandoned her family, had registered her as a Muslim but she grew up as a Hindu.
  • Check out dear old Dad, a pig-ignorant fanatic who cares more for his sectarian antecedents than his daughter’s wishes or her welfare ! 
  • Zarinah’s estranged father was quoted by English language daily The Star as insisting that his children were born Muslim and he would never permit them to renounce Islam.

What’s it got to do with him? God gives us brains and the precious gift of free choice – unfortunately, some of us, like Zarinah, also get lumbered with lousy wasters as fathers.

The bride claimed she went to the National Registration Department (NRD) twice to change her religious status, once in 2007 and last April, but to no avail, as she could not obtain her father’s signature.


Sod that for a caper!

SHE knows what she believes, and if she doesn’t believe in Islam, then she’s perfectly free to be whatever she wants to be.


Equally, if she were a Muslim, she’s perfectly free to cease being a Muslim.

Her religion is a matter for her heart and soul, not for some bureaucratic form or ID card . 

It’s nowt to do with these sticky-beaks, nor have they any right to tell her what she is, or what they think she is. Nor should they have any right whatsoever to act like some kind of IslamoNazi gestapo and take her away for questioning!  ————–

Happily, sane Muslims in Malayisa are taking up Zarinah’s case, and it looks like we may see a happy ending.




But let’s not ignore the continuing arrogance of the shariah freakos, quoted here.


But the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais), which oversees Jais, yesterday stressed that its enforcers had not offended Zarena, her family or the guests at the wedding when they showed up uninvited. –


Of course not -who on earth would suggest, even in jest,that a gang of goons erupting into your wedding ceremony and hauling you off for interrogation by benighted berks would in any sense offend!?!

And now they’re saying it was all down to some mischief-making snitch who ‘reported’ the heinous ‘crime.’

And that presumptuous prig in the Prime Minister’s Department tells  critics not to get embroiled in matters that did not involve them?


Get real, Malaysia, or just grow up.