“Hillary Clinton IS The War On Women!”


Which goes a long way to explain why she was a Goldwater Girl in 1964!-




She embraced her family’s politics.

Saul Bellow was a Marxist. Of the Trotskyist variety, but a Marxist nonetheless.

Then she met Bill and learned to live with a sex fiend.

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I don’t suppose it’s much fun, or even good for one’s mental health, to be married to a predator.

Maybe Hillary Clinton is by now just acclimatised to his behaviour, and, given the tradition of distinguished Democrats like Edward ‘Chappaquiddick’ Kennedy, regards it as nothing to get upset about.

After all, at least Billy Boy hasn’t (so far) left a helpless girl to drown.


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  • Mr. Clinton may often seem something of a joke, but he’s a very sick joke.

And the Clinton couple’s victims, or those brave enough to speak out, are still determined that they be called to account for their misdeeds.

Brilliant report in WND – check out the link!  http://mobile.wnd.com/2014/02/clinton-sex-victim-goes-full-frontal-on-hillary/#SOaUH5YI4j3TScJ1.99