Toronto Proclaims, Vancouver Aspires…Parasite Sanctuary Status!

For undocumented immigrants in Canada, needing medical attention, getting a transit ticket violation or being a victim of domestic abuse can lead to deportation.


They’re illegals.

Anyone who identifies them as such has a legal and a moral duty to report them to the Canadian Border Services Agency –  promptly!

In other words, Vancouver may be preparing to aid and abet crimmigrants, in violation of the law.


Councillor Geoff Meggs, co-chair of a mayor’s advisory committee on immigration matters, had the brass neck to tell the media that it’s come up because the federal government has – quite correctly – decided to deny medical services to illegal aliens.

So he reckons that honest Canadian tax-paying citizens should be forced to pay for treatment of diseased gate-crashers?

And that such parasites should be granted a safe haven in his city? 

This subversive drivel from Vancouver  is a response to an agitprop outfit calling itself  Sanctuary City.

What’s worrying is the attitude of some law enforcement agencies, like the Vancouver Transit Police.

Their spokeswoman, Ann Drennan, did not, as any cop worth her salt should have, denounce the irresponsible proposal as incitement to collaborate with criminals.

Instead, we just get this soppy guff – “We have not been approached to be a part of the City of Vancouver discussion,” she said. “But we would very much like to be a part of future discussions.”

 If she wants to tell them to shove their pinko cr#p, then that would be nice.

But I fear not.

That report was out last month, but I held off comment to see what would happen.

Looks like it’s still in the pipe-line.

But Toronto, and Hamilton, in Ontario have already started down the sleazy slope towards cosseting crimmigrants.

Ontario-flag-contourOntario going nuts?


Toronto has just voted overwhelmingly to succour such parasites. The councillors voted, that is, not the people of Toronto, who should be fighting for a referendum on the issue! 

Happily, however,  some sanity still exists in Canadian city politics.


Damn right!

  • out with them
  •  Round them up, chuck ’em out!