Brussels Flunkey On Aceh Shariah Savages – “We Don’t Want To Intervene Too Much!”

Just got home and had a bite to eat, then read the news.


Only last month, we read of an Aceh widow whipped  by a masked shariah apparatchik in Aceh – after she’d been gang-raped by sectarian thugs. 

 Another Child Rapist – This Time Rape BY A Child! 

The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

The Shariah Hell of Aceh!

Yet another woman subjected to flogging in the ‘Verandah of Mecca’


Her crime – an affair with a married man. Something that should be settled between the man and his wife.

Yet during a ‘fact-finding’ mission this week, the arrogant flunkey Olaf  Skoog, a bureaucrat who pretentiously styles himself the EU Ambassador to Indonesia (as if he represented a sovereign state rather than a supranational agglomeration) told journalists that we don’t want to intervene too much!


This is the man, if he’d had the chance, who would have rescued the Bali Pigs from the firing squad they so richly merited. 

This is the same Skoog who only a few months ago was ranting here in Jakarta, seeking to safeguard every form of vermin, terrorists, child-rapists, you name it, Skoog’ll save its skin – from the death penalty they deserve.



Arrogant EUSSR Flunkeys Lecture Indonesia – ‘Hands Off Scumbags!’ 

We have shown here on RRA, time and time, again the sort of lunatic fanatic regime that Acehnese endure, the police indifferent to murder mobs,

Aceh – Shariah Reigns, Injustice Flourishes 

the denial of basic liberties to minorities,

Shariah Aceh – Hell Can Get Hotter?!? 

the imbecilic ban on, not just Christian Christmas celebrations, but even New Year partying.

Shariah Goons Roam Aceh, Stomping New Year Joy 

Its ugliness goes on and on.

We even had some moron outlawing dancing – not the sort you find in Jakarta’s Blok M bars but simple traditional dances beloved by the common folk. North Aceh’s district head banned all adult women from dancing when welcoming guests in North Aceh


Aceh is a place run by cruel kill-joys.

But the EUSSR’s Skoog ‘doesnt want to intervene too much.’

It’s not as if he is unaware of what goes on in that primitive place. Skoog condescended to show concern over human rights abuses, against women in particular, that have been documented under the semi-autonomous province’s enforcement of shariah law.

But his next sentence takes the Brussel Biscuit!

“There have been a few cases during the implementation of sharia law in Aceh that have shed a negative light abroad.” 


A FEW!?!

It’s non-stop!

Rancid sexist discrimination, women bullied by shariah gestapo goons for going out in public un-scarfed,

Sectarian Cess-pit Aceh — CHRISTIANS MUST WEAR HIJABS! 

Men? No problem, they can be as bare-headed as they please.  They can have multiple spouses – women may have one!

Blatant, bigoted sexist discrimination. 

Yet Skoog, who’s in the company of some real ambassadors – from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Sweden — affects not to notice this flouting of fundamental human rights

He goes off on a diversionary tangent, that  we were convinced that Aceh is very tolerant for non-Muslims..

…and then exposes his own credulity for all the world to laugh at… and that sharia law is implemented with a soft approach.”



acehcamb   Woman Out Cold After Whipping – Aceh’s Savage Shariah

Skoog thinks this shameful scene is a ‘soft approach?


“We have a concern over the implementation of these codes for non-muslims but we don’t want to intervene too much, the most important thing is the respect for the human rights and tolerance within the shariah,” he said.



So what about oppressed Muslims?


Vive La Resistance! Brave Muslims Defy Kill-Joy Clerics! 

So human rights, in Skoog’s view, are not universal?

Some humans are less deserving of human rights than others?

His neighbours, when he goes home to Scandinavia, may enjoy a beer in a cafe, their kids may dress like silly punks , their wives may proudly display the lovely locks that God gave them as woman’s crowning glory….?

But those same liberties may be denied to people up there in the self-styled Verandah of Mecca?’

 He reckons he has the right to interfere in every other nation’s use of capital punishment to quell cruel criminals, but he doesn’t want to intervene too much   with a system that ipso facto consigns women to second-class citizenship.


We have readers in every member state of the EUSSR.

I hope they note the presence of their ambassadors, complicit in Skoog’s complacent tolerance of this iniquity and take whatever action they feel appropriate!