Strasse des 17 Juni – But Can Berlin Beat Bludger Tidal Wave?

Geschichte / Deutschland / 20. Jh. / West-Berlin 1949-1990 / Ereignisse / 1953 / 17.Juni / Panzer, Polizei 17th June 1953


Each year we recall the heroic but doomed uprising in Berlin and elsewhere in East Germany, the workers and students who took on the Communist quisling regime and the might of its Red Army puppeteers, and for whom there is still a street in the German capital called Strasse des 17 Juni.



But who’s walking Berlin’s streets today?

The number of people seeking asylum in Germany has risen to its highest level in 14 years with a jump of about 64 percent in 2013. The figures come amid a spat over the rights of new migrants to claim welfare benefits.


Germany received 127,023 asylum applications in 2013, an increase over the previous year by 64 percent, the country’s interior ministry …the main countries of origin of asylum seekers were Serbia, Russia, Syria, Macedonia, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iran, Pakistan and Iraq.

After WWII, many migrants came in from Russia, ‘displaced persons,’ welcome refugees, ethnic Germans from the Volga, etc.

But are these new arrivals actually even Russian, or are they Chechens, like the ‘Boston Bomber’ asylum’ seekers?

Berlin’s Bludger Albatross – Roma Liars 

And are those from Serbia, Montenegro and other East European lands in fact Roma troublemakers? 

And are those coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc, seriously coming to embrace German freedoms or are they bringing in their primitive sectarian baggage, like so many others already in Berlin and other cities, the sort of swine mentioned in our previous post? 

At War with Enemy Aliens! 


Bonn-born Yassin Chouka, who is believed to be with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region, calls for Muslims to kill Pro NRW members. Speaking in fluent German, Chouka urges the Salafists to move away from street confrontations where the risk of being arrested is too great. He instead tells them to target Pro NRW members at their homes and workplaces, “at best under cover of darkness.” “We should kill all the members of Pro NRW,” he said. He also said employees of Der Spiegel – which has printed photos of the demonstrations showing the Prophet Muhammad signs – and others in the media should be targeted.


The good news, such as it is, is that under 15% of these so-called ‘asylum’ seekers got approval, after investigation.

 However, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said, “Compared with other EU member states, Germany had by far the highest number of asylum-seekers in 2013….”  

The new figures come amid a growing dispute brewing in Germany over the rights of new EU migrants to claim low-income and long-term unemployment social welfare benefits known as Hartz IV.

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Yes, these economic matters are important too, but the long-term issue is surely whether Germany is being flooded with people as unsuited to democratic traditions as were the henchmen of that DDR Soviet puppet regime.