Malaysia – Call for Religious Freedom Provokes Islamist Indignation




A simple call for basic religious freedoms in Malaysia has provoked an indignant rebuke from Datuk Razali Ibrahim, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.




Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham, a leading light in the Opposition DAP, appealed to Muslims to respect the rights of members of their faith wanting to embrace another religion.

Ngeh said any citizen above 18 years should have the right to embrace the religion of his or her choice and that it was his hope Muslims could accept this because religion was a personal matter.




He also said in child custody battles, the party awarded custody should be given the right to raise his or her children in the religion he or she practiced until the child reached the age of 18, after which it was up to the person as to which religion he or she wanted to follow.


It’s hard to see how any thinking person could disagree with any of that.

We know that bad people in bad places like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are eager and willing to mete out savage punishment for what they describe as ‘apostasy’ (which is to say, using your God-given brain to decide how to worship the Deity who gave it you) 

But evil savages call the shots in Saudi and suchlike cesspools.

Malaysia is surely light-years ahead of such swamp-creature mind-sets?

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Or is it?


 Datuk Razali Ibrahim


 Razali – for the regime – responded with a Dark Age diatribe, viz. Ngeh’s pluralist plea was something not appropriate and can affect racial and religious harmony in the country.

How so, sir?

Islam and Christianity, and most religions I’m aware of, have adherents of all races.  Ngeh never mentioned race or ethnicity. 

As for religious denominations, harmony in such matters is only at risk from those who fear their flock may desert them.  Is that what he means when he says  “In this matter, we cannot see things from one perspective only.” 

What other perspective is there, except how any and every individual personally makes up his mind on his relationship to his Creator. 


Piling in on the side of intolerance, another Government Minister, Datuk Tajuddin Abdul Rahman also dismissed the call for freedom of religion as very inappropriate.


Because Ngeh did not understand Islamic laws.

Ngeh shouldn’t have to.

He’s not saying that Muslims should not abide by Muslim laws, simply that they are, or should be, perfectly at liberty to change their religion, in which case, of course, Muslim laws would no longer apply to them.

Or are these ministers saying Muslims should not be entitled to such freedom? Are they saying that their country is in violation of the UN Declaration’s  ( and every sane person’s ) acknowledgement of religious liberty?

Sounds to me as if they are of a mind to reshape the land they live in – into something that could merit the description of…