Piala Dunia Dolly? Kupu2 Lawan Fanatik2? Who Needs World Cup Matches?



 The white-shirt gang that styles itself ‘Defenders of Islam’ hasn’t made the news much recently, except on the Prabowo Presidential bid.

In fact, only this past Wednesday I was talking about that, with a Muslim friend, and I predicted that no matter how much these IslamoNazi thugs tried to restrain themselves, keeping up appearances for electoral purposes, they just wouldn’t be able to keep cool as Ramadhan approaches.

The month regarded as holy by decent Muslims merely makes the FPI nastier and more thuggish, as a rule.

And sure enough.

Within 24 hours of our chat in the bar, Tempo reported that the FPI ( and their comrades in the GUIB) have threatened to carry out sweeping against Dolly if reckless immoral practices are seen after the closure declaration.

For new readers-

‘Sweeping’ is a euphemism  used here to describe a mob of snarling ignoramuses rampaging through some neighbourhood because people there don’t meet with the bigots’ approval.


  • dolly
  • Dolly is a large red light area in Surabaya.
  • Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).
  • The FPI are a gang of Islamist bullies and louts.

The GUIB is a sectarian collective of similar groups.

And the Mayor of Surabaya has ordered closure of the Dolly red-light area, an edict which has caused angry demos by the girls and their ancillary staff whose livelihoods are imperilled.


 The local FPI Gauleiter, Dhofir Abdurahmat,claimed his vigilante action would be conducted after coordination with the 57 Islamic organizations joined in GUIB.

If they found immoral practices in Dolly, said Dhofir, meaning that the plan had failed, they’d take action on the ground.

In keeping with what we always get from these creeps, he hoped the closure would go according to plan and  not result in physical conflict. “We’ll wait…and see… Otherwise, we are ready to go in there.”


FPI_13     FPI in action against innocent lunchers

Dollies at ease           


It always bothers me when these girls are hounded out and dragged off to detention centres.

Then they have to listen to priggish lectures from the authorities about how they’re to be ‘re-trained’ to become seamstresses, or bakery assistants.

The Surabaya evictees are (some of them ) getting Rp.5 million each to ‘go straight.’  That’s 500 bucks, which goes further here than where you are, but not that far. 

Yes, their activities may be against the law, but then so is much of what those IslamoNazis do – take a look at the photos above and decide for yourselves who is more unpleasant, more wicked, more of a threat to society.


For that matter, with whom would you rather spend your lunch hour?

Meanwhile, I hear the tv news here in the background as I type this up, saying that lots of girls are carrying on their normal work, despite the Mayoral Decree.

So one should expect to see the FPI storm-troops barging in sooner or later.

One hesitates to say who’s likely to win any battle between the Night Butterflies and the Night Crawlers.


  • But given the IslamoNazi record of cowardice in Sukorejo, my money would be on the slappers and their allies, about to be left destitute in Dolly, the bar-staff, cabbies, food-vendors and assorted hangers-on who, one suspects, might be fairly handy lads in a square go.
  • Certainly, on Wednesday, Tempo reported, when word spread that white-shirt louts might be about to attack, a crowd assembled armed with wood, batons, and flagpoles, preparing to block their arrival!
  • oooooooooooooo

And good luck to them.


FPI_1_Juni victim monas


No matter their foibles, they don’t assail inoffensive pro-tolerance demonstrators, so almost certainly live by higher moral standards than the sort of thugs who did this to innocent people in the Monas Riot in Jakarta a few years ago.


PS Piala Dunia is ‘World Cup.’ Kupu2 malam is an Indonesian expression, ‘night butterflies, referring to those sort of ladies who work in Dolly. So Butterfiles V Fanatics!