Redskin Ranters Turn on Kardashians – Nice One, Khloe!

I wasn’t going to vomment on the lunatic and vindictive ruling by some clowns who run America’s trademark body that the famous Washington Redskins team would no longer be authorised to use their equally famous symbol, because a handful of so-called ‘Native Americans’ (aka Indians) have decided to get into whine-mode about it.




No matter that the vast majority of that ethnic group have made no complaints – and indeed the team management say plenty are in favour – but nasties like Obama and Senator Harry Reid joined in the cacaphonous PC chorus.

Of course the victims of this latest cultural marxist outrage are lodging an  appeal…


…but meantime those strange women, the Kardashians, ‘celebrities’ who have done little to be celebrated, also made the news on a related issue, one of them,  Khloé Kardashian, having been ‘slammed’ for wearing a Native American headdress.

The occasion was a tot’s birthday party, replete with a Ferris wheel, a jumping castle, and a smattering of teepees. And that’s where all the trouble began… for Khloé Kardashian.


  • khloe kardashian kidchella headdress.
  • Naughty auntie  posed in front of one of the teepees, sitting cross-legged and sporting a Native American headdress replete with feathers.
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Okay by me – none of my aunties ever looked as interesting – but for some reason a ravening pack of redskin ranters began yelping. 

“Our culture isn’t a fashion statement, I do not wish to waste my time arguing with people too ignorant to understand that. You should be ashamed @khloekardashian,” commenter ncholewa11 lamented.

She wasn’t making a fashion statement, moron, she was at a kid’s party.

“Headdresses and teepees should not be used as party decorations in the first place!” Instagram user Amanda Baldwin argued.


  • ==========================
  • Why the hell not? We use inflatable mediaeval-European-style castles and  neither Brits nor Continentals stamp their little feet! Nor do Texans bleat childishly if party-goers don cowboy hats!


“Those of us who disagree with this photo are tired of seeing headdresses, signs of honor [sic] and respect in our history and culture, being used as a ‘fashion’ accessory!”

Dumb squaw! If you’re tired, take a nap in your wigwam!

When I was a farmer’s boy in Ontario, lots of us had similar war-bonnets, for use in our juvenile games. It’s called fun. But pinkos have so little sense of fun in their dreary hearts!

Commentor luv_latisia noted not only Khloe’s headdress, but also her pose. “She is COMPLETELY disrespecting our culture by sitting there in a meditation pose… What Native American tribe is known to meditate? And since when did honoring become imitating?” 

Maybe it’s time some of these klutzes DID meditate, if only to attain, not nirvana, but a sense of

A –  proportion


B – humour!


The article goes on to cite three examples of other ‘celebs’ who provoked similar infantile Indian tantrums in much the same way.

Those dumbos actually apologised -for what?

It’s none of these sticky-beak wannabe scalpers’ business.

But the good news -so far-  is that  Khloé doesn’t seem like she’s going to follow suit. Rather than express any regrets, the reality star followed up her photo with a message for her haters: “You’re still going to get criticised, so you might as well do whatever the f–-k you want.”

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My hitherto low opinion of the Kardashian clan…

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…has shot up!