Ramadhan Buttocks Ban – Jakarta TV Decree Decries Thighs Too!

Another tiresome example of Islamist intolerance, sadly predictable, as all of us told what we may and may not enjoy on our televisions as of this weekend.

Never mind that Indonesia is not a shariah state (yet!) but a pluralist democracy – ANYTHING that may negatively influence Muslims observing the fast is OUTLAWED!


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  • Astoundingly, the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) makes no bones about the sectarianism behind their diktat – their Chairman, Judhariksawan, told the JP that the KPI was cooperating with the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) to monitor television shows on every network…
  • “During Ramadhan, the KPI and MUI will not hesitate to force shows off the air if we find they have the potential to affect people devoted to carrying out religious activities in the holy month!”

One has come to expect such gestapo-style rants from the thugs of the FPI here, but the violent language used above would be more appropriate in some dump like Saudi Arabia! 

 Kinda sad to hear Judhariksawan, like the MUI,  thinks his fasting fellow-citizens are such push-overs that they’d be subverted by a glimpse of thigh!

Yep, it’s the aurat menace rearing its head (or thighs!) once more – just saw some fine ones, around 8pm, dancers on the Indosiar dangdut show. Made the most of them, for there’s to be  thigh-denial from this weekend!

During Ramadhan, networks are prohibited from broadcasting programs that contain erotic dances, show evocative female body parts such as breasts, thighs or buttocks or that have scenes portraying intimacy between men and women such as kissing and sexual intercourse.

What are these dorks on about? Needless to say, one NEVER sees sexual intercourse on TV here.  

Kissing? Yes, but where, outside backward middens like Saudi, is kissing seen as undue intimacy?

Where? Well, nowadays, it seems, in Indonesia. 


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Never seen a bare bum yet, and as for breasts, nary a nipple, nor even, thanks to the idiotic opaque blotch super-imposed by the censor board (yeah, the same sectarian grovellers who banned Noah!) do we get a half-decent glimpse of cleavage.


  • bum beauty
  • So that leaves thighs. 

I was tempted to append a photo of my own thighs, but despite my ‘law n order’ diatribes, I don’t really reckon my dear readers deserve cruel and unusual punishment.

Besides, don’t forget, this ruling is naked (ooops!) rancid sexism – only FEMALE body parts.

This jabbering Judhariksawan and his cabal of self-styed ‘scholars’ in the MUI overtly embrace sex discrimination.



  • fatwa mui sholeh
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From the MUI, what else can one expect? They see nothing wrong with female circumcision! 

But Judhariksawan?

What’s wrong with him?

Why this obscurantist bias against women?

Or is it a clandestine bias FOR women, who may, one logically deduces, get all hot and bothered by the sight of thighs attached to World Cup soccer players…



… while male viewers are deprived of those lovely leggy dancers I watched barely half an hour ago?

And how about us non-Muslims!

Chairman J’s jihadist triumphalism is exemplified by his need to remind the television networks to only air programs that support activities related to the holy month of Ramadhan!” 

Did he truly say that?

So the rest of us who have absolutely no interest in such activities are nevertheless obliged to watch ONLY his religion-related sort of thing, or must hire a DVD for the evening?

So Protestants and Catholics can expect, in December, on the principle of pluralist consistency, to have TV networks ONLY air programs that support activities related to thei holy season of Christmas? None of that Islamic call to prayer that sounds loudly on every channel at 6pm daily, all year round?

Huh? What’s that noise above my roof, that sounds like the beating of porcine wings?

Get real, buddy! TV’s idea of pluralism here is a matter of perception.

So summing up…

Nothing remotely risque, right?

Well, we can always tune into a good horror movie?


Additionally, before 10 p.m. local time, stations are prohibited from airing shows that contain “provocative conflicts”, horror or any mystical or superstitious acts that may trigger “fear among the public”, said Judhariksawan.  .http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/06/24/kpi-wants-sex-and-violence-air-during-ramadhan.html


Why 10pm?

Responsible parents of young children would have them tucked up, asleep, by 8pm, surely? And grown-ups, any I have ever met, are hardly susceptible to ‘fear‘ as a consequence of watching horror movies – maybe Judhariksawan is, and assumes other adults share his timorous nature. 

Provocative conflicts?

Would that be the bigot beasts in Iran or Afghanistan stoning women to death?

Or maybe ISIS, in Iraq and Syria beheading religous dissenters?

Or the MUI’s flock in Madura engaged in ethnic cleansing of their kampungs, murdering and expelling Shia villagers?

Or maybe that video of the Cikeusik Pogrom, where primitive fanatics, just a few score miles from where I sit tonight, bludgeoned three innocent Ahmadi martyrs to death?

No examples given, but it would be grand to be told by Chairman J and his MUI cronies exactly what ‘provocative conflicts’ they have in mind, that may negatively influence Muslims observing the fast!