Jakarta Globe’s Even-Handed Oz-Bashing – Journalism? Ha-Bloody-Ha!

I am only going to give you the link to the disgusting apology for journalism in yesterday’s JG, headlined ‘Australia’s Asylum Policy Burdens Indonesia.’


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  • It’s all about crimmigrants, the bludgers who are invading and infesting Indonesia, as a prelude to their intended invasion and infestation of Australia.


It is replete with quotes from all kinds of people, except EVEN ONE of the SEVENTY PER CENT of Australians who support Abbott’s admirable actions to defend their country.


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  • Needless to say, this sin of omission extends to Abbott and all his Ministers – no quotes from the people elected to represent Australians either..

But fear not, you get to hear from that inimitable champion of those who aim to dig their greedy snouts into the OZ benefit trough, Comrade Ian Rintoul.


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  • In case you’ve forgotten – hardly likely, because the pinko puke never shuts up – he’s Chairman of the Refugee Action Coalition in Australia, a totally unelected ranter, who only this week was parading his peculiar clandestine contacts with enemy armadas, in this case that bludger-boat which is allegedly mid-way between Indonesia and Christmas Island. 
  • Rintoul said he had spoken to an asylum seeker on board,…people on the boat had made contact with Australian maritime rescue authorities. “They are asking for help..”
  • https://au.news.yahoo.com/a/24339450/asylum-seeker-boat-nearing-christmas-is/

This man is giving aid and comfort to would-be invaders.

He should be investigated to see how – we know why!

And exactly who funds his RAC!

Naturally although the boat set sail from Indonesia, Rintoul reckons Australian Navy personnel should shoulder the burden and bring the illegal intruders ashore.

christmas-islan ‘Asylum’ ingrates arson mayhem on Christmas Island

That would augment the inmate population, the easier to stage another sixty million dollar arson outrage, I suppose.


Incidentally, the cargo apparently consists of Tamils, from Sri Lanka, the very last people Oz should contemplate accepting, since they have a natural, culturally congenial and INFINITELY closer ‘safe haven’ in Tamil Nadu State, in India, just miles across the strait from Sri Lanka.


  •  e3d98-sri2blanka2btamil2bmap2bwq


And we know from the Canadian experience that Tamil ‘refugees’ from scary Sri Lanka go back there for vacations!

‘Poor, Persecuted’Tamils? Out with Them, Canada! 

And a lot of them are anti-social ingrates too, who didn’t hesitate to cause chaos in Toronto as part of their scheming to bring in more of their unpleasant kind.


  • tamiltraffic Tamils Screw Up Toronto Traffic-
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The JG does point out just how unpleasant many of these parasites can be.

They mention the murderous rampage a year ago, when rioting Rohingya slaughtered fellow-detainees –

Heading for Oz? Murderous Rohingya ‘Asylumers’ – Out in Nine Months! 

– mind you, the JG’s research is so slipshod that they DON’T tell us that the Buddhist victims were NOT, like the Rohingya, wannabe queue-jumpers but harmless fisherfolk who’d strayed into Indonesia’s territorial waters.

Skipping other anti-Australian quotes from various sources, because they don’t deserve to be dignified by repetition, I will use one, from some lefty female with Human Rights Watch, because she makes one valid point.

“Indonesia should be seeking alternatives to detention for these vulnerable groups, not building a new facility to lock up more people in violation of international law,” she said.


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  •  Indeed, honey! And there are very obvious, very attractive and sensible alternatives to detention – called planes and ships.

Indonesia is not a signatory to the UN Bludger Convention, so there’s NOTHING to stop the authorities here re-loading these wasters onto whatever means of transport they used to arrive (using what kind of visas – even a UN minion has to comment on the contempt crimmigrants show for their hosts here –“Last year approximately half of those who registered ended up being ‘no-shows’, meaning they did not show up for the rest of the process after they filed the application”)

 and ship the no-goods out, back to whence they came.

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  • Overnight, Indonesia would win massive goodwill from ordinary Australians, who do not understand the current vindictive policies spouted by Foreign Minister Marty ‘Mealy-Mouth’ Natalegawa.

And with the good will, rest assured, would be handy sums in aid, to finance the transport costs incurred.

And the Jakarta Globe might even feel obliged to report it! And admit that it’s INDONESIA’S asylum policy that burdens Indonesia.

Jakarta’s present policy is to let the ratbags in, hoping they’ll move on, to Oz.

A wiser policy would rule that they be denied entry and repatriated, sharpish, if they somehow manage to ooze through Indonesian ports and airports !