Fish and Chips in Jakarta! A Veritable Grail-Quest!

 I ‘ve been inspired to revisit the fish’n’chips issue by watching this hilarious video from The Scotsman, about a ‘wee shop’ in Greenock which boasts of using only local Firth of Clyde catches for its piscine cuisine.

Very community-minded, but the finny creatures served up are not of the sizeable sort that normal Scots expect.

‘Dae ye want salt and vinegar with it?’

‘Naw, ah want fish with it!”–3644068045001


fish and chips







normal portion


The fasting month is here, and that has put me into gluttony mode, hence this reminder to those in search of decent fish n chips in Jakarta that it’s not an easy quest.

Although that peerless culinary treasure is on the menu of many restos, especially in posh Kemang,  actually getting what you dream of is a lot harder than ordering it.


  • —————————————
  • Not that what is served up is unpalatable, necessarily.
  • Often enough, it’s perfectly decent fish.

But it bears little or no resemblance to the wondrous mouth-watering stuff on sale in thouands of ‘chippers’ all over the UK – and Australia, arguably the only country outside the British Isles where the skills involved survived transplantation.




I suspect Kiwis too may have preserved this ancestral art, but since I have never been to N.Z., I’m open to advice from RRA readers in that country.

 In fact, despite questing across the Big Durian, my previous report Jakarta’s Polo Lounge, Posh and Perfect for Parties!  still stands.

I mentioned then that there were two places in town, but having been back to the other one recently, I was disappointed, so no more mentions for them.

The ONLY place in Indonesia’s fine capital city where I have been able to order, eat and sing the praises of what was put on my plate was the POLO Lounge, which is located in the Menara Batavia, on Jalan Mas Mansyur.



opolo july2polo july3polo  Polo Lounge


Just head north along Sudirman till you reach the Hotel Le Meridien (keeping an eye open for PKS functionaries with a contented smile at that point  ‘I Wasn’t Naked!’ PSK? – PKS Skandal Terus!   ) then take a left turn. There’s a microlet 44 that runs all the way from Rasuna Said, if you’re over in super-posh Kuningan.



On the other hand, it’s only a 15 minute walk from the Meridien junction.

Mind you, it’s been several months since I was in the Polo, so you’d be best to check out if the wonder-dish is still on the menu.

Menara Batavia, Lt. 2, Jl. KH. Mas Masyur , (021) 5723767
Mon – Sun 09:00 – 21:00

At the time I found the fish n chips there, the chef was German, so all the more credit to him for being such a maestro with what, to him, must be exotic cuisine!