Rintoul’s Left, But This Time, Let’s Hope He’s Right!

Two children on board – one aged three months, the other two years, were sick with vomiting, fever and headaches, he said.  

Assuming this queue-jumper isn’t lying, which he probably is, knowing the bludgers’ track-record in veracity, what a shameful indictment those words are, of the crimmigrant creeps who set out, through various countries and/or their territorial waters, usually including Indonesia, to get their illegal snouts into the Australian welfare trough.


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  • By the very fact of their circuitous routes, we know they are not interested in ‘asylum,’ because they do not stop when they’re out of their self-stated danger-zones.

They press on, gain entry into Indonesia, and if they arrive there, they either do so illegally or apply for visas, which require certain conditions, which, by subsequently boarding these bludger-boats, they flout.

At least, that’s the way it usually is.

But this time, according to the Aussie press, the latest bunch of Tamil bludgers didn’t even set out from Sri Lanka, but boarded at Pondicherry, in INDIA!

India is a democratic country, with a large Tamil province of its own.

Why flee India? These Tamils may be Sri Lankan by origin, but they are not fleeing Sri Lanka. They were well clear of that land long before their voyage commenced.

They deserve no sympathy, but rather condemnation. 




  • Only the lowest of the low would subject children to this kind of ordeal purely to sate their avarice, that relentless and conscienceless urge to gouge the Aussie public purse.

Lower than snakes’ bellies, these bludgers.  


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  • So let’s hope Scott Morrison is exactly as wise in his response as that notorious lefty Ian Rintoul suggests he may be, in today’s SMH.

“There is a lot of speculation that they will rendezvous with Sri Lankan navy boats and hand them back.”   http://www.smh.com.au/national/tamil-asylum-seeker-boat-may-be-forced-back-20140630-zsrf1.html

Splendid idea!

tears sarah-hanson-young  Hanson Young having a fit?

And all the better in that such sensible action might cause Green Gargoyle Sarah Hanson-Young to have a fit.

Mind you, given the way she behaves most of the time, it might be difficult to know the difference if she did.