Jakarta Fair – SPGs Alone Make PRJ Worth The Trip!

We finally went to PRJ yesterday, and discovered that there had indeed been several dangdut nights!


  • PRJ-Jakarta-Fair


Given that the only jadwal (schedule) of bands we could locate on the PRJ website showed very few examples of Indonesia’s fave music, I was more than a little chagrined to learn there had in fact been quite a few, tucked away on the little stage furthest from the main entrance.

Says a lot for PRJ’s PR!

However, although it was much the ‘same old-same old,’ we nevertheless enjoyed our outing.

One of us delighted in spending money on ‘bargain’ goodies, like coffee, chocolate bars and packets of noodles and stuff, while I for my part was, as ever, impressed by the number and variety of the SPGs abundantly spread around the exhibition grounds!

  • SPG_Djarum_Black_Otomotive SPGs, spotted on  a previous outing


Sales Promotion Girls invariably enhance any such event. 

However, we were lucky enough to coincide our visit with a nice little parade, so here are a few snapshots.