Marah Besar! Ahmad Dhani Targets Jokowi, Disses My Cat.

While I have tried to avoid becoming personally embroiled in election dog-fights, there comes a time when insults to candidates spill over and require a personal riposte.




That time came this morning when I read that Ahmad Dhani, he of the SS uniform…  

Indonesian Elections – Hitler Bad, But Bin Laden Okay? 

 …had tweeted a racist slur.

According to, the ‘celebrity’ made an oblique attack on Jokowi, after the candidate’s short trip to Mecca to pray prior to the election, phrasing it thus –

If a kucing kampung goes to Mecca, it will still return a kucing kampung.

Kucing is a cat, kucing kampung refers to the sort we see on Jakarta’s streets, the myriad horde of common cats, often with stubby Manx-style tails, often a patch-work of black, orange and white fur.


Dhani may have wanted to annoy Jokowi, but his stuck-up implication, that those felines are different from Persian cats  (i.e inferior) provoked my wrath, and Iells us a lot more about a certain supercilious ‘celebrity’ than about any domestic animal.


ibi idul fitri


The kucing kampung photographed above has been with me from the day she was born, in Bekasi, some eleven years ago.

She is not as spry as once she was, but she still entertains all my guests with her sleepy acrobatics, and she’s clean – downright fastidious about asking to go out when she needs to answer a call of nature – and likes to nestle down beside the laptop when I’m blogging.

Good company on these midnight shifts.


  • ibicomputer


She also looks nice, unlike those ‘luxury’ cats, who tend to resemble that grouchy brute in the cartoon at the bottom of the page!

No harm to Persians, or Angoras, but my kucing kampung is superior in every way – and a lot cheaper to run. I know some locals who have fancy cats – all the accoutrements, special food, vet visits etc. cost them a fortune!

So how come these cats are linked to Jokowi?

Since Dhani lacked the guts to elaborate…

However, Dhani did not explain further his intent asked the purpose of his statement on Twitter, he did not reply.

…the report speculates.

…as is known, Jokowi is often taunted as rustic or countrified. Meanwhile, Prabowo is known as a child of the  elite…

That just about sums up the mentality that most incenses me here.  Since Dhani’s my target, I am not going to personalise this against Prabowo.


The ‘elite,’ as a class, have done more damage to Indonesia than either earthquakes or tsunamis.


elite arrogance-s


If most of them fell down a drain tomorrow, Indonesia would be a more wholesome place, and a LOT richer.

I was at a party late last year, and met a girl who seemed pleasant, so we got talking. It drifted towards politics, and she said she could NEVER vote for Jokowi because his wife was SO kampung. I don’t normally walk away from presentable women, but I did that nght!

Ignorant snobbery is NOT a problem unique to any one country. I’ve never liked it.

But when it impinges on IBI CAT… 




Marah besar means very angry!