July 14th – Vive La France! And Vive La Resistance!

Bastille Day – and while we monarchists may have our reservations, today celebrates not so much the long-ago Revolution but the spirit of France.



And the French seem to be showing a lot more tenacity than some other countries in Europe in their fight to preserve that spirit, although multicult is a menace there, as all over the West.

France’s End Begins Today? Thierry Tuot Defiles La Gloire! 

France, like Britain and Germany and elsewhere, is reaping a whirlwind due to lax immigration follies since the Sixties. Not only have hundreds of thousands come in without leaving alien allegiance back where they came from, they have multiplied, taking over entire areas of Paris and other major urban population centres.

These are termed banlieue and, more than once, French folk have witnessed insurrection therein. 

The Fall of France? Islamist Enemy Within, Ever More Aggressive! 

VOA reminds us that today, terrorists are home-grown, including Islamist Mohamed Merah who shot dead seven people in Toulouse in 2012.  French-Algerian Mehdi Nemmouche has been charged with gunning down four people at a Brussels’ Jewish museum in May.

So Hollande’s current proposals will make it easier for authorities to hold and question suspects in France and track those travelling across Europe’s “border-free” Schengen area.  It also takes aim at the surge of jihadist recruitment on the Web. http://www.voanews.com/content/france-moves-to-crackdown-on-would-be-jihadists/1953976.html

Okay. No problem with that, but it’s scratching the surface!

It’s all very well for Hollande’s government to draft legislation on how to handle sectarian savages returning from Syria.

But while such savages should of course be prevented from EVER returning, primitives like Merah and Mehdi already infest La Belle France.


out with them


Regardless of where they were born, they should be rounded up and deported. This may well require enemy strongholds in the banlieues to be stormed and the enemy garrisons expelled from French soil.

A bloody, messy job, no doubt of that. 

But if this were 1945 and Hitler’s dark legions were holed up in any part of any French city, there’d have been no hesitation in cleaning them out by whatever means necessary.

Future generations will have cause for gratitude if France can thus be redeemed from this latest alien Occupation.