Pemilu Jakarta – Alarm Spreads Over Slothful Count, ‘Ballooning’ Totals

It seems downright weird, but although the deadline for ‘recapitulation’ of Indonesia’s election results came to an end on Saturday, reports that ‘through Sunday (13/7)  C1 scan results were not yet uploaded to the official website of the General Elections Commission (KPU)’

Okay, this is a sprawling archipelago, and far-flung islands may not have brilliant internet connections in their little kampungs.



But in Jakarta?

It’s hard to walk down a road without seeing some cafe with wifi, and I’d not be unfair to say many Indonesians are addicted to their net connections – more so in Jakarta than anywhere else!

So no surprise that the Deputy Secretary General of the Independent Election Monitoring Committee (KIPP), Girindra Sandino, is raising an eye-brow at the slothful tabulation.  Jakarta as the capital city has a myriad of adequate facilities, especially the Internet.



Girindra gave some examples of his reasons for concern .

By Sunday noon, the upload total in Pademangan, North Jakarta, had only reachedil 12:00 pm this afternoon, 67.43 percent. In Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta, it was 11.98% while nearby Cilandak  it was a pitiful 4.75 percent!



What the heck’s going on? Those South Jakarta areas are places I go often, easy to reach physically, no reason at all why technology should be so slow.

And there’s a lot more to chew on, too.


“In other Greater Jakarta areas, it’s much worse. For example…

…in the Bekasi area, Tarumajaya 12:00 percent, 

0.00 percent Sukakarya, South Cikarang 0.00 percent, 0.00 percent  K. Kedung 0.00 percent, 0.00 percent Cikarang East, Babelan 0.00 percent, North Tambun 0.00 percent, South Tambun 0.00 percent, 0.00 percent Cibitung, West Cikarang 0.00 percent, 0.00 percent and North Cikarang Karang Bahagia 12:00 percent..”

Bad news, but worse news still that, according  to Girindra, the Commission cannot be sanctioned for these delays, nor is it obliged to give an explanation to the public.


Beware Election Fiddling


Also in, we read that the Election Watchdog (Bawaslu)is recommending re-runs at 16 polling stations (TPS). Fifteen are in North Jakarta and one in East Jakarta.

A variety of violations have led Bawaslu to this, including ballot boxes opened without authorised witnesses from both parties and  ‘ballooning’- which means more votes cast than people who vote there!,-16-TPS-di-DKI-Harus-Coblos-Ulang-