AARGH! Shock-Horror! Scotsmen Heard JOKING!

Golf club members ‘joked’ about ban on women

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Dr Louise Richardson says the golf club’s ban has made her job difficult.  http://www.scotsman.com/news/scotland/top-stories/golf-club-members-joked-about-ban-on-women-1-3476545


Just came in from the mid-day (actually 4pm) sunshine, and am thus moved to write about….







Dr Louise Richardson, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of St Andrews University, looks like a tough cookie, as they say. One might even suggest as hard as nails, but that would be deemed rude.

So best not to risk tears, for she is VERY easily upset.

Indeed, so, it appears, are many of her staff, for Louise whispered in the undoubtedly sympathetic ear of the NYT that the present all-male membership rule at The Royal and Ancient Golf Club was “an anachronism” that had “upset” some of her female professors.

WHY, for God’s sake?

If the lady dons, or is it donnesses (logically, but logic doesn’t go with feminism – remember how all those newly-ordained female vicars hated being called priestesses when women were alllowed into the priesthood?) chose to start a private club, would they not have the right to exclude whomsoever they wished?

Well, same for these golfing guys.

Just because imbecile ‘discrimination’ laws apply to jobs and housing ( so you may soon be fined if you fire a freak for coming to work in his finest mini-skirt, or refuse to rent your spare room to a flaming queer) why should private clubs be harassed too?.

The Royal and Ancient soon vote on changing their rules.  The club’s committees are “strongly recommending” that members accept the rule change.



Dr Richardson has played golf since she was a young girl, and the club’s all-male policy has made her job difficult…“I run this place very successfully and I’m not allowed in the clubhouse 600 yards from my house?”


Apart from a bow to her lack of modesty, the only response worth making to that whine is to get over it. Not everyone falls into line with her imported PC prejudice. Has this American nowhere else to hang out, that she has to grind her egalitarian axe against the R and A? (nothing against Yanks, but they did pioneer all this cr#p)

Frankly, I like having women around, and if left to my own devices, I would, if a member of the R and A, probably vote to have attractive feminine lassies as members. But if provoked by feminist fuss, I’d vote against.

There’s no big moral issue involved after all, only what impact a few fillies might have on the club’s atmosphere. Nice girls are fun, but humourless bints are a bore. like the sort who complain when they imagine that golfers are  “waving their ties in her face..”




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  • Touch of paranoia here, methinks! And what if they ARE waggling their ties at her, “to draw my attention, as they think that’s funny..”

Big deal! Harmless teasing, and she’s old enough to take it.

She added: “Once or twice, female professors have seen me in situations where I’m surrounded by men wearing their R&A ties, and they get really upset and offended for me.”

Does she want the men to whip off their ties? Come on, girl!


I was surrounded that day at Wembley, by wild, noisy Scots, having a laugh, and I felt no alarm.


She makes herself sound like Custer at the Little Big Horn!

What a taste for mindless melodrama this woman has.

Members vote on 18th September. Just to annoy this loud-mouthed libber, I hope they vote NO!

No, on second thoughts, I’m not against fair compromise.


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I’d move a reasoned amendment, endorsing women members so long as they complied with specific conditions. viz., that they be cute, comely and flirtatious.