More ‘Asylum’ Alarmism from Ranting Rintoul –



Refugee advocates say witnesses to a fatal attack on an asylum seeker at Australia’s Manus Island detention centre in Papua New Guinea are in extreme danger.

Oh yeah? 

Sez who? 

Guess who?

Australia’s Refugee Action Coalition says asylum seekers raised the alarm on Monday after Wilson Security guards allegedly removed two of their representatives and another asylum seeker, who has since been returned.‘removed’-from-png

  • Representatives? Do detained illegal aliens get to elect representatives now?
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  • Have they organised a Colditz-style ‘escape committee?

The group’s spokesperson, Ian Rintoul says the three people were witnesses to an attack on February 17, when asylum seeker Reza Berati was killed and are extremely vulnerable.

“There is no doubt that they have been in danger since the 17th of February and remain in danger. There are very powerful forces in Manus Island that do not want them to give evidence in any court of law about what they have seen.”

Oh dear! Powerful forces now? Any names for these, perhaps? No? Oh well…

Oh yeah? We’ve heard it up to here from Rintoul!

Remember the last outburst of  hysterical hoo-ha from this pinko, when he claimed the crimmigrants were actually attempting suicide??

That was shot down in flames PDQ

Refugee advocates coach asylum seekers to self harm in camps in ‘despicable’ campaign to further political agenda, former camp official claims

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  • Refugee advocate ‘backs down’ on Christmas Island suicide claims 
  • Campaigners claimed 10 women attempted suicide so their children could get residence
  • Refugee camp whistleblower Greg Lake says advocates are coaching ringleaders to induce self harm in vulnerable detainees
  • Mr Lake says the actions help push the advocates’ political agendas
  • Death of Iranian Reza Berati was result of riot planned by advocates.
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  • The Australian reported the Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul had ‘backed down’ from his earlier claimed that ’10 mothers in the family camp have attempted suicide in the last two days on Christmas Island’.



c7c47-shame ianrintoul Rintoul


  • The newspaper quoted Mr Rintoul as saying he ‘probably shouldn’t have said attempted suicide’ because ‘people drinking concoctions of shampoo or detergent generally don’t die — was it a drastic cry for help? Yes, it was, and it remains that way.’

No, actually it was a desperate attempt to subvert popular support away from Abbott and Morrison.

It was a desperate attempt to make illegals seem like victims.

In fact, though, they’re really victims of scheming swine who will stoop to any tactics to thwart democracy and flood Australia with queue-jumping crimmigrants.

Rintoul is an unelected agitprop ‘activist’ – where does he get his funding, we ask again. 


Meanwhile, in pinko hang-outs around the world, the muesli-munchers will still be prattling about ‘ suicide,’ because, as another strident propagandist once said…




But it’s up to decent folk to spread the antidote to the pinko poison.

Thanks to Greg Lake for injecting truth into this squalid saga spun by Ranting Rintoul.

He said the advocates communicated with the asylum-seekers by Facebook message, phone and email. While the department did not read asylum-seekers’ communications, he said what was going on was obvious and often emerged later in interviews with detainees who had hurt themselves on purpose.

He said he believed some advocates communicated with a ringleader, who then “stood over” other detainees to compel them to make a statement through self-harm.


“There are certain prominent advocates who will coach and encourage asylum-seekers to self-harm as a political protest and it makes me very upset and I believe it is at odds with their mandate as advocates,” Mr Lake said.

“The problem is, outside of the government or public service, people aren’t aware of their tactics.”

Mr Lake, who resigned as an immigration official in April last year, claimed that one of his last tasks on Nauru was to interview eight asylum-seekers who had joined a lip-sewing protest, but who had been bullied into it by a detainee who was in communication with a refugee advocate.

“These guys didn’t want anything to do with it,” he said.
“They only did it because they were pushed by the ringleader.”