British Soldiers Murdered, British Justice Trampled – Blair Exposed!

“Tony Blair and his ministers lobbied the Government’s top law officer to grant immunity to a high profile IRA terror suspect by suggesting it would help the Northern Ireland peace process, it has emerged.

tony_blair_gerry_adams1 B. Liar with Bloody Murderer

The then Prime Minister was under pressure from Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams to grant an amnesty against prosecution to Rita O’Hare, who was suspected of the 1971 attempted murder of a British soldier.
In 1999, the Attorney General was asked whether he would “reconsider” her case with the suggestion that a pledge not to prosecute could help the peace process.”

Read it all, the nauseating saga of those ‘amnesty letters’ issued by a ‘British’ Government!!

The law officers at the time refused to give Blair the dishonourable assurances he sought, much to their credit. 

But the way the police allowed themselves to be reduced to a pliant tool of appeasement is disgusting. Lady Hallett, the judge reviewing what has been going on since Blair’s treason time, said that, while it was not run in secret, it was treated as “sensitive” by the Government and police who took a “minimalist” approach to publicity due to its “political sensitivity.”


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  • The top cops who helped cover up this sicko scheme should be dragged out of retirement and pilloried – and I mean that, not in the sense of media pillory, but literally, a good old-fashioned shariah stoning! They are scumbags, just as much as Blair.

But all this will come as no surprise to those Brits, on hte mainland as in Ulster, who are well aware of how not just one occupant of 10 Downing Street but others too have deceived and betrayed their country.

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  • Let’s not forget John Major, the Tory PM who told the Commons that the thought of talking to Sinn Fein/IRA murder-gang leader Adams would ‘make my stomach churn,‘ while he (Major) was fully cognizant of the dirty dealings between his snob henchman Patrick Mayhew and the very same terrorists! 

 Stuck-up conspirator Mayhew

1993: Secret meetings with IRA revealed – BBC News


So far as I can make out, that vile bitch O’Hare is alive and well, in Eire, whence she should have been extradited something like 40 years ago!

But the republican collaborationist courts there refused, excusing their irresponsible conduct by saying that the murder of a UK soldier within the UK by a treasonous terrorist was a ‘political offence!’

Never forget – neither O’Hare nor those alien judges have yet met just retribution for their evil.

As Sinn Fein like to say –