UK- ‘Asylum’ Parasites Leech Off Tax-Payers!

An asylum seeker who claimed they were destitute in order to secure £18,000 in taxpayers’ money was found to have thousands of pounds in the bank and an income from working illegally, a watchdog has revealed in a report which exposed widespread fraud in the refugee system.


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John Vine, the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, estimated fraud by asylum claimants is costing the public purse £1.2 million a year, but the true amount is likely to be “substantially higher.”

Nor is that anything like a one-off scandal!


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  • When even the BBC has to cover the extent of the rip-offs. we know cases like that are just the tip of the crimmigrant ice-berg. 
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  • There is NO excuse for keeping such sleazy swine in a country whose hospitality they so flagrantly abuse.