Java ‘Santri’ Rabble’s War On ‘Zionism’ – Break A KFC Window!

A week or so ago, we suggested a boycott of Bugger King restos, to protest against that company’s support for the gaystapo agenda.

Gay Day at Bugger King? BOYCOTT BK! 

That’s how civilised and sensible people express their disapproval of a restaurant business – you ASK others not to use its goods and/or services.

Uncivilised and senseless people, on the other hand, try to shut down the business by disorder, vandalism and disruption.

Hence last week, in the looniest part of Indonesia (apart from Aceh!) a mob of santri (that’s the word for ‘students’ of Islamic boarding schools) strutted their arrogant stuff in the town of Tasikmalaya, West Java.


  •   Innocent  Boys 
  • ———————-
  • I couldn’t help but notice that they were, some of them, the same age as the three Jewish teens brutally murdered by Palestinian terrorists, whose atrocity unleashed the latest hostilities in the Middle East. And, indeed, the same age as the young Palestinian lad burned to death by Israeli thugs in revenge.


  • ———————
  • The absurd antics in Tasikmalaya – mobbing fast-food restos that have absolutely nothing to do with the conflict – were merely trivialisation of these tragic deaths. The loudmouths in Tasik ought to be ashamed of themselves. 


Thousands of Miftahul Huda Islamic boarding school students rallied initially in the monument area with an escort of local police officers. Suddenly they moved to the Mayasari shopping centre and descended on the mall’s front yard, where they smashed KFC windows , despite efforts by mall security officers. 


Moronic mob – seeking chicken-head left-overs to improve their IQ by brain-transplants?


  • Then the criminal lout responsible did a runner, clearly indifferent to any fright or injury inflicted on customers, waitresses, cashiers or cleaners cowering inside.  

These low-lifes make me want to puke!

“Crash, I heard the sound of glass breaking at KFC. Then there was a man dressed in white running towards the car park,” said Tatang Sunarya (45), a visitor to Mayasari….the students continued their action, crowding in front of the building. They gave speeches that called for KFC  to close for several days in an effort to support the Palestinians.

What a crowd of cretins.

“I asked for KFC and other American restaurants to close for three days. to support the Palestinians, after what Israel has done against Muslims in Palestine,” said Didi Ajengan,while giving a speech in front of the students at the scene.

Then Dork Didi and the other irrationals marched off to the nearby Mcdonalds. Their action caused traffic chaos, but then they obviously don’t give a damn for the rights of fellow-citizens to go about their daily business, to drive down the streets or to dine where they please – typical of the sectarian bigots here.

If their pesantren ‘teachers’ had imbued these ruffians with the slightest civility, they’d have held their protest, then gone to those restos and handed out leaflets politely, asking fellow-citizens to consider a boycott.

One wonders if the ‘school’ in question is one of those getting  tax-dollar support from Western government organisations.

Mcdonalds logo-460x220



Sadly, but perhaps understandably, since the cops evidently failed to disperse this hooligan rabble, the manager at the Golden Arches knuckled under, whereupon the anti-socials wandered off to guzzle, it being that time of day when fasting ceases.

Fasting , by the way, is said to be a time of reflection and introspection. Nothing I recall about smashing windows and terrifying staff and customers at eateries.