Berapa Sapi Mogok? Harga Gila Di Hero Puri!

kkwarung rizky Closed for TEN days!


Spot of shopping today, due to that terrible personal catasrophe mentioned previously, my local fave warteg shut for ten days!

Gotta eat, so I prowled about supermarkets, reluctant to go into town, fearful of the road home being clogged with traffic heading to the hinterland, folk aiming for family reunions for the Idul Fitri holiday next week.




Hence my angkot journey took me to Puri Indah, a place I quite like.

Barely a month ago, I could buy one of those litre cartons of milk, Diamond brand, for under Rp.14,000.

Today, in Hero, the latest price was displayed brazenly, OVER Rp. 23,000!

I like the choc or strawberry flavoured stuff, yummy to slake a thirst on a hot day sitting out front.  But I can manage without!


puri Mal Puri Indah


I wandered out, disconsolate, and went into Carrefour, across from the mall.

Still over Rp.17,000 – who’s ripping us off? Are the damned COWS on strike?

Hero in Mal Citraland, at least, usually has a lot of decent discounts, chicken, fish etc, marked down by 50%, but Hero in Puri never does, that I’ve seen.


SAM_8780 She didn’t like my explanation!


And cat-food?

Prices up to nearly Rp.20,000 for a can, and precious few cans on the shelves. Normally I pay under Rp.13,000 for the bare feline necessities!

I understand how prices rise and rarely fall, but this is …