Golliwog Gestapo Despatch Brit Grandma to Re-Education Camp!

I began today raging at an imbecilic Islamist bigot in Malaysia.

Pig-Ignorant Primitive – No Shariah On MH17, So God Killed 200 Innocents? 

Now, as the sun goes down and the Islamic call to prayer echoes over Jakarta, I give thanks that I had a lovely day thereafter, because suddenly I’m suffused with indignant anger again tonight.


angry face

A 72-year-old grandma in Brighton, England, has been ordered by totalitarian thought-police to undergo ‘racial awareness training’ – sounds like something the Hitler Jugend might like!

But why?
Did she round on some black guy and abuse him with the N-word?
Did she emulate those pro-Hamas demonstrators we’re fed up watching on tv, and urge the murder of Jews?



In August she said she thought golliwogs were “nostalgic, not racist” and complaints against Bert’s Homestore selling golliwog placemats were “political correctness gone too far.”

At a closed hearing, a panel of three councillors said the 72-year-old should have diversity training.
She was cleared of failing to treat others with respect and breaching the Equalities Act and the panel also recommended all councillors should have diversity training in future.  http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/10831860.Hove_councillor_set_to_be_disciplined_over_golliwog_comments/


It’s those three stalinoid slugs who have brought their council into disrepute!

There must be MILLIONS of Brits, and millions more parents and grandparents and people who may not have offspring but who still have some sanity and balance, all over the world, whom these cultural marxist commissars on Brighton and Hove Council would wish to send for similar re-education.  

Normal people LIKE golliwogs!

Only FOUR complaints from THREE people arose from Dawn’s legitimate comment.

They should have been told to get stuffed and/or sent on a ‘re-education’ course  – to teach them about Britain’s heritage of free speech!

BTW -guess to whom the complaints were submitted? The BME! Who? 

Brighton & Hove City Council’s Black & Minority Ethnic Workers’ Forum is an organisation that represents BME employees of the council.

That is self-evidently a racially discriminatory body, since Whites are ipso facto excluded, given its title. Obviously it’s a forum for fomenting grievance, whiners looking for trouble to cause.

Scrap it!

Last word to Dawn.
 “They threw out the two most serious charges but said I was guilty of breaching the code of conduct.
“I am pleased they have let me off on the other two serious charges but very disappointed they have judged I broke the code of conduct.
“I don’t think it should have got this far, it was a waste of taxpayers’ money and officers’ time.
“I apologised to anyone who was upset by my comments and that should have been the end of it.
“I understand the reasons why they had it behind closed doors but there were a lot of upset people outside the meeting that were angry it wasn’t held in public.”


PS – Mustn’t omit this –


  • Brighton and Hove City Council spokesman said the incident highlighted the “need for training and awareness raising among all councillors on equalities issues.”\

This will form part of member development in the future, she addedhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10529940/Councillor-to-have-diversity-training-after-golliwog-remarks.html

Sorry, Dawn’s words were good (though altogether too mild – hiding their inquisition from the public, how dare they?)

But I’m having the last word, as usual!

That ‘spokesman? She’s one commie vixen that needs to be fired.  

And what’s Cameron doing to amend local government legislation so that elected councillors may speak freely – sod all, I’ll bet!