Pig-Ignorant Primitive – No Shariah On MH17, So God Killed 200 Innocents?

Boiling rage?

An urge to vomit?

Bafflement at just how evil and ignorant a sectarian savage can be?

An unpleasant blend of emotions to start the morning, so at least the rest of this day can only get better, once I have recovered from the intense revulsion provoked by a foul ignoramus named Ahmad Tarmizi Sulaiman.

He’s the vile bigot beast who told the world this week that the innocent passengers on Malaysian Airlines’ Flight MH17,brought down by a missile, met their fate because the flight attendants weren’t wearing ‘Islamic headscarves and the airline served alcohol.

Frankly, scum like Sulaiman deserve a fate worse than death, and whilst I’m no theologian, I suspect that if God truly dispenses justice in the afterlife, Sulaiman’s utter inhumanity will earn him an eternity of torment.

I certainly hope so!



–6 The bigot beast Sulaiman – may he burn in Hell forever


Rather than go through the motions of re-writing the story – I’m really too angry to do so – I give you part of the report in Malaysia Kini, with the link so you can share my sense of outrage. Certainly the Malaysian Chinese Association’s spokesman,Ti Lian Ker,  redeems his country’s reputation somewhat.

But it will take a lot more than that to make me think that any party that affords pigs like Sulaiman a platform can be regarded as a legitmate political organisation.


MCA has slammed PAS for exploiting the MH17 tragedy for religious mileage in harping on Malaysia Airlines (MAS) flight stewardesses’ uniforms and its alcohol policy.

“It is unfortunate that PAS had chosen to exploit the MH17 tragedy instead of targeting terrorism and violence that had caused so many deaths of innocent good souls.

“To skew this international tragedy to score political brownie points is typical of PAS and Pakatan culture, whose only skill is to exploit issues, capitalise tragedies and magnify problems.” MCA religious harmony bureau chairperson Ti Lian Ker said in a statement today.

Ti called on the Islamist political party to stop behaving like “katak di bawah tempurung” (ignorant) and told it to observe the uniforms of staff of Middle Eastern airlines, which he claimed are more revealing than of MAS staff.

“The knee length uniform skirts for the female cabin crew of Gulf Air from Bahrain, Etihad Airways and Emirate Airlines from the United Arab Emirates, Royal Jordanian Airlines and Qatar Airways, which expose the knees, calves and shins are more revealing than MAS’ modest kebaya uniforms,” Ti said.

He also criticised PAS for its calls not to serve alcohol on board MAS flights.

“If PAS finds alcohol so offensive, why does it not channel its demands against the Zone Duty Free KLIA which sells duty-free liquor, and at all other international hotels based in Kuala Lumpur?” Ti asked. He was responding to Kedah PAS Youth information chief  (right) who caused a stir yesterday saying MAS’s recent misfortune was a result of its policy of serving alcohol and the crew’s uniform.

Ong dismissed Tarmizi’s defence, that his words had been taken out of context and the he was merely asking for MAS to review its alcohol policy, as “damage control”.

Meanwhile Kelantan MCA liaison committee deputy chairperson Tan Ken Ten, in a separate statement, chimed in on the matter, saying that a ban on alcohol would infringe the rights of non-Muslims.  PAS impairs Islam, saying Allah crashed MH17


Malaysia Kini

Well said, sir.

But of course sectarian swine like Sulaiman don’t give a damn for the rights of non-Muslims, or even Muslims who think for themselves. 

He’s a filthy fanatic, who thinks that whatever he approves or disapproves must be enforced on all of us.

As it happens, I’m expecting at least two Muslim guests here today. I don’t have to wonder if they’ll be as horrified as I am at this inhuman ignoramus. They are normal decent people, so that goes without saying.

But we really need to get it across to a wider public that until EVERY Islamic leader, religious or political, denounces pigs like Sulaiman, of course ‘Islamophobia’ will burgeon.
It’s not enough to shake one’s head and mutter that he’s a maladjusted freak.
I note that sane Muslims in Malaysia are distancing themselves from his sick tirade. But better they should shout from the roof-tops that he’s NOT a Muslim in their eyes. His rant’s more blasphemous than religious .

In case local readers want to read the story in Bahasa Indonesian, I add the link to Merdeka.com, which provides the words the loathesome moron used.

“Malaysian Muslim Youth leader said the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17 was punishment from God. This is because they serve alcohol in-flight…. Ahmad Sulaiman Tarmizi of PAS said Malaysia Airlines does not respect the Muslim government. “They trigger the wrath of Allah.”