Desi Anwar’s Diatribe on Prabowo – How About Metro?

Desi Anwar is a very opinionated woman, and if you doubted that, her piece in the Jakarta Globe recently leaves little room for doubt at all.

Some people say that I too am opinionated, but that’s a matter of opinion!

But like so many journos here and abroad, her readiness to take up the cause of what’s right and wrong seems highly selective.
She is, after all, described in the JG as a senior anchor at Metro TV.

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  • Metro TV was just as biased as TV(Prabow)One during the election campaign, but not a word on that from dynamic Desi.

She’s an educated woman, and must also be aware of Metro’s sectarian bias.


I refer to their repeated use of the word tobat (‘repent’) to describe acts of apostasy by members of the persecuted Ahmadiyah religous minority.

Indonesian Media – Islamist Bias Still Shining Through! 

 You can read my previous post, or just look at these, some fine examples of Metro’s concept of fair reporting

  1. Jemaat Ahmadiyah Garut dan Cimahi TobatMETRO TV NEWS

    30 Mar 2011 Di Cimahi, prosesi tobat JAI berlangsung di Masjid Agung Cimahi, Rabu (30/3) siang. Sementara lima lainnya membaca syahadat di Garut.…/Jemaat-Ahmadiyah-Garut-dan-Cimahi-Tobat
  2. 29 Ahmadi di Bogor TobatMETRO TV NEWS

    15 Mar 2011 Ya Jelas milih taubat ,karena jika tidak Tobat maka Rumah2…/29-Ahmadi-di-Bogor-TobatTembolok
  3. Enam Jemaat Ahmadiyah Tasikmalaya TaubatMETRO TVNEWS

    10 Mar 2011, Tasikmalaya: Enam jemaat Ahmadiyah di…/Enam-Jemaat-Ahmadiyah-Tasikmalaya-Taubat
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Desi went to the University of Sussex in the UK, and speaks excellent English.

So  she surely knows that one ‘repents’ of wrong-doing, not of worshipping God in a different but totally inoffensive way.

Metro’s reports thus represent a gross distortion of those ‘conversions,’ which may occasionally be a matter of religious contemplation, but are just as likely to be not unconnected to the relentless oppressive harassment the Ahmadis have suffered, and continue to suffer.

  • ahmadiyah2 Islamist pig with innocent Ahmadi martyr, Cikeusik, 2011
  • This covers not just the Government’s discriminatory Tri-Ministerial Decree but also marauding Islamist mobs who have burned some of their homes and mosques, sealed other houses of worship and not even shrunk from brutal murder.

C’mon, Desi, show you care!

Demand that Metro apologise for their sectarian terminology and give undertakings to cover such issues objectively.

Desi is not just opinionated but influential.

If no such undertakings were given, she could usefully denounce Metro and take her recognised talents to some other part of the news media which has a clearer commitment to pluralism.