Ayo, KPK. Drag the Airport Scum Out of the Shadows – String ‘Em Up!

Let’s start the holiday week with some good news!

  • The KPK (Anti-Corruption Commission) has ‘swooped’ on those dirty rotten rats who exploit TKIs (migrant worers) coming home from years of overseas.
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Anyone here NOT aware of the hardships these girls (they’re usually female, though plenty of Indonesian men work in foreign parts too) suffer at the hands of harsh employers must be blnd or deaf.
We’ve covered this issue before –


  • and it’s appalling.
  • Not least the inertia shown by some Indonesian authorities. 

‘Jeddah’s Hot, Let’s Start Late Today,’ As TKIs Faint Outside! 

But if it’s possible to be more wicked than the cruel people who pay a pittance and often abuse the girls in far-away places, it’s the scum who rip them off as they arrive home, bringing hard-earned cash to help their families here.

  • TKI2 – Masih Banyak Masalah – Help These Girls! 

  • The JG report describes some of it, but the fact is, unless they have somebody waiting at the airport to get them, they very easily fall prey to a mafia of swine, which, according to the report, includes soldiers, police and criminal gangs.

No way can this be happening without willing collaboration from insiders at the airport.
Good luck to the KPK.
The evil must be eradicated, no matter how long it takes,