Jakarta Post’s Grammar – ‘Weak’ As Its Idea of Fair Reporting!

Weak lawsuit leads Prabowo
to claim more vote rigging



How many times must the Jakarta Post be advised that their OPINIONS do not belong in ‘news’ headlines?

If somebody else has said that Prabowo’s case is ‘weak,’ then inverted commas should surround the word. If the JP editors wish to tell us that THEY think his case is weak, they have editorial space in which to do so.

Their crassly unprofessional slanting of a ‘news headline’ can only rebound on the cause they seek to further.  I don’t have any real sympathy for Prabowo, but his legal case, weak or strong, will soon be tested – not by hacks on a ‘newspaper’ famed for flunking ethical tests…

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…but in the Constitutional Court.

Mind you, professional lapses are not the only problem the JP needs to look to.

When I had to teach teens the delightful intricacies of English grammar, one aspect they found hard was ‘subject/verb agreement.’

You know, ‘Johnny like cakes.’We supports Man U,’ etc.




Most of them moved on to higher education still struggling, despite my best efforts.

Perhaps they have now found jobs with the JP, for what do we see but that Andre, Prabowo’s spokesman, is quoted as follows –

“We still have new findings and they keeps growing,”

Needless to say, Andre said nothing of the kind. He’d have spoken in his own language. So who on the JP staff can’t translate correctly from Indonesian into English?


Contary to what some might think, I don’t pore over the JP searching for errors – I only spot them when I’m covering issues of interest. So I reckon what I DO report is just the tip of an ice-berg.