Oz Needs MORE Like This – Thousands Join Sydney Anti-ISIS Rally!

The Sydney Assyrian community march through the streets of Sydney CBD to protest over the

 Sydney Christians Protest Against ISIS Scum

Great day for Australia, with both Sydney and Melbourne streets filled with decent people outraged by the ISIS vermin.

Just home now, wrapping up a friend’s birthday chez nous,  so I’m giving this very brief report.


You’ll see that lots of these protestors are either immigrants or children thereof, and THAT”S the kind of population top-up Western countries can’t get enough of – people who KNOW THE ENEMY!

devil destroyed ISIS

You’ll also see that it’s not just the enemy that murders innocents in Iraq and Syria, that these people know about, but the swine Obama (named in that banner) who has been funding the terrorist beheaders.

With so many undesirable aliens just begging for deportation, Oz could once more be the Lucky Country if they were expelled and replaced with those persecuted Mid-East Christians.