“Heil Hitler?” In Calgary? In 2014? Hamas Nazis Drop the Mask!

I suggested last month that Calgary cops were either rotten cowards or acting under PC orders to lay off the Palestinian hoodlums at that demo.

Calgary’s Cops – Cowards or Collaborators? 



I did say I tended to think the cops were basically okay, just obeying orders – yes, like the Dachau guards – but now, reading more on the episode, it seems I was wrong – yes, it happens!


The apathy of Calgary’s police was just as shocking as the assaults themselves.

No arrests were made in the aftermath of the brutal violence. Indeed, one of the Jewish victims of the barbaric violence was admonished by a Calgary police officer, who told him “when you’re wearing that [the Israeli flag] what do you expect is going to happen here?”


In other words, ‘Juden Raus.’  

Get outa here, Jew!


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So has that Nazi flunkey cop been identified for dismissal?

It should not be hard.


Ezra Levant
Ezra Levant speaks at a pro-Israel rally at city hall in Calgary, Alta., on Thursday July 31 (see below)
  • Ezra Levant is organising a legal fund http://www.StopTheRiots.ca  and I hope some of its resources will be used to root out the Palestinian and/or Nazi collaborators from Calgary’s Keystones.


But pending more info, I must draw back on my blaming senior police officers- if the rank-and-file are Hitlerite toads like the one quoted, it’s the rank-and-file needs sacking.

But who recruited them?

And as for the vile vixen who ran the Rocky Horror Gazi-Nazi Show?

How about this? 

Update July 25th 2014:

  Calgary Hamas collaborator Saima Jamal


One of the organizers of the “pro-Gaza” demonstration, Saima Jamal, spoke to Canada’s National Post and expressed “regret” over the violence.

However, while Jamal was acting apologetic in front of Canadian media, her tone on Facebook to her fellow Gaza Groupie thugs .was very different; gloating and disgustingly exultant. “After today they would be foolish to show up again in another protest in Calgary as long as they live”


  • And it just keeps getting worse. 
  • Israel’s supporters held a demo last week.
  • The brave mainstream media covered it -but COVERED Up what the Hamas counter-demo were chanting.
  • “Heil Hitler.” In the streets of Calgary, in 2014.  http://www.winnipegsun.com/2014/08/01/stand-up-and-take-notice

    Here’s one of the most dishonest reporters in Canada, a gutless bint works for the Calgary Herald, who heard the nazi shrieking but hid the truth from her readers. I found this report in BC Blue blog.
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  • When I posted the video of anti-Israel protesters chanting “Heil Hitler” at pro-Israel supporters during Ezra Levant’s rally in Calgary Thursday (see here) you absolutely knew there was no way that attending media didn’t witness it and stayed silent – now we have proof that at least one did exactly that.While reading this piece “Silent vigil Palestinian solidarity” I noticed Calgary Herald reporter Erika Stark omitted the fact that Israel supporters were attacked even after referencing the event where it happened:Friday’s rally was markedly different from the past protests, where chants filled the air, tensions were high between Palestinian and Israel supporters and angry words were exchanged between the two groups. (see here)



    I confronted Stark on Twitter about this obvious omission and then noticed this tweet by her:


    A professional reporter admitting she self-censored in order to shield vile racists wishing for the death of Jews and, she still has a job.

  • Stark could well be fifth generation Canadian like me.
  • But what about those sleazy nazi scum? What the hell are they doing in Canada?

Don’t tell me, born there, so scum can’t be deported.

Yeah. heard it, in the Killer Khadr context.

And not knowing anything of their views on that piece of filth, I’ll bet they’re all for him.