Rhododendron Racism? BBC Provides Platform for Pinko Twit Duet

Who, what, is Ben Pitcher?

Easy to say he’s a demented leftist, yes, but is he truly mentally ill?
Over to BBC’sRadio 4 , which has a programme called ‘Thinking Allowed.’



Belying its name, it hosted the said ‘doctor,’ who clearly needs treatment.

‘Gardeners’ Question Time is not the most controversial show on Radio 4, and yet it is layered with, saturated with, racial meanings. “


Ya couldn’t make it up! This drivelling pinko rabbits on.“What makes nationalism powerful?’

Well, nationalism, or patriotism, tends to surge when the nation is oppressed, treated with indifference or contempt, or otherwise put upon.

And that’s certainly how the left-lib elite have, in their arrogance, behaved towards Brits over the last forty or fifty years. Unwanted immigration, multiculturalism foisted on them, their protests dismissed or, if need be, suppressed by iniquitous laws whereby even a joke seen as ‘racist’ can bring the PC gestapo down on him faster than you can say ‘equal opportunities!’.

… Pitcher said there is a ‘crisis in white identity in multicultural Britain’ caused by the fact that ‘white culture’ is historically associated with racism and far-Right views.



Which one is Pitcher?


White people are therefore forced to find other ways of talking about white identity – such as through gardening – so they do not appear to be racist.



But our pathetic PC pinko was not alone in his cultural marxist vomiting.  BTW, does the BBC go out of its way to present offensive clowns on its programmes? I know they’re biased leftwards, but they must realise it gets counter-productive when cerebrally defective, like the other guest, a sometime ‘professor of cultural studies’ – and exactly who promoted her to the House of Lords?\


 Loopy Lola

Well, her mode of thought is so alien as to be neither British nor foreign born – I’d say Alpha Centauri, at a guess…lotta rhodo-racism goes on there, so I hear. 

One can only agree with a man who actually has a brain and uses it. 

Last night horticulturalist Stefan Buczacki, who was on the programme for 13 years, said Dr Pitcher’s claims were ‘utterly absurd’.