‘ISIS Flags? We’ll Burn Them!’ Bravo, General Moeldoko! Now Swoop on Bekasi!

Aksi-Dukungan-for-ISIS-di-Bundaran-HI-Jakarta-5 Scumbags in Jakarta with ISIS flags


Indonesian Military (TNI) Comr. Gen. Moeldoko said that the military would get tough on ISIL.


moeldoko-8-620X310 Moeldoko


“Show us ISIS flags and we will burn them,” Moeldoko said in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Moeldoko said that there would be no mercy for organizations that attempted treason. “There’s only one flag for us, red and white. There is no other,” he said.





And as the photo at the top indicates, his troops will have useful work to do!


Poppies burned Traitor scum in UK


One hopes that certain people in the UK, Australia etc. echo that, acknowledging that those countries’ flags are the only legitimate focus for their allegiance, not some supranational sectarian ideology!

But meanwhile, let’s take a moment to contemplate Bekasi again, aka Sectarian City, run by Mayor Rahmat Effendi and Regent No-Shame Neneng.


  • Neneng two-facedii.scoteffendi No-Shame Neneng and Rachmat Effendi

A place you wouldn’t want to bring up kids, the stench of intolerance forever tainting the air.

A church torn down to bigot cheers, Christians pelted with dung and urine as they walk to worship, the Ahmadiyah minority’s mosque sealed, all with the  full approval of those in authority, while police stand back or actively oblige the evil forces at work there.

But what’s new?

I’ll tell you what’s new –

devil destroyed



According to the  Jakarta Post this week, Kominda, the Regional Intelligence unit, reported that no less than EIGHT mosques in Bekasi are now infected with the  satanic ISIS virus.  ISIL uses 8 Bekasi mosques to attract more followers Jakarta Post

So what are Rahmat and No-Shame going to do about that?  

Seal them?As they did to the Ahmadiyah mosque in Pondok Gede?


mesjid_ahmadiyah pondok gede

Heck, they invoked  the MUI to justify their suppression of the Ahmadis’ rights, and now the MUI has condemned ISIS, a nice surprise, I might add!

Or will the Bekasi Bull-Dozer Brigade be called in again?