Prabowo’s Court Case – Cry-Baby Clown Steals the Show!

A bright day, a cheerful visitor dropping by, a reunion after two months, so from mid-morning till arvo I was busy enjoying company.



But thereafter, time on my hands, I paid attention to the Constitutional Court’s televised deliberations.


However, scanning the news tonight, I regret I missed what must have been one of the highlights, when Court Chair Judge Zoelva Hamdan was incensed by one of the witnesses summoned by Prabowo to justify his demand that he get an action re-play of the Presidential election which he lost decisively to Jokowi.

Judge Hamdan – I wouldn’t want him angry with me!

 Hamdan looked furious because Rahmatullah continued to talk about the existence of fraud in East Java, despite being told to stop…
“I’ll have you removed. If I say enough, that’s enough,” said Hamdan before suspending the hearing in the Court House. witnesses. html

But it gets better!

After challenging the judge’s surely sensible ruling…
“I’ve got this proof, Your Honor. I’ve got clippings!” said Alamin.


…….the sorry specimen began to cry!

Rahmatullah cried – “I have proof,” said Rahmatullah, snivelling.  Saksi Prabowo-Hatta Menangis dalam Sidang MK

Alas, no photo seems to be available, of this fellow who certainly did Prabowo NO favours by his infantile conduct.

Such bizarre outbursts are, however, not unprecedented.
I’m reminded of that rabid fanatic ( and dangdut singer) Rhoma Irama, under pressure for a vicious sectarian intervention in the last Jakarta gubernatorial election…

…when he too burst into tears, obliging me to award him the nickname Cry-Baby Crooner.

  • Especially to Prabowo, who just loves to project a tough-guy image.

As for Jokowi he seems to have had a fun day, like me.





Well, not quite like me – he took a trip on the new Enjoy Jakarta tourist bus!