Fanatic Brazenly Declares ISIS Indonesia – What Will Jakarta Do?!

Up early today, to receive a delivery of much-needed liquids to replenish stocks depleted during the holidays that marked the end of Ramadhan. Mr. J. Walker and his cousin, Mr. Gordon, have once more taken up residence in my capacious cupboard.

Now just watching the 11am news, where I see that in Garut, West Java, students and other citizens are lining up to sign a declaration against ISIS – they included youngsters from pesantren (Islamic boarding schools) and housewives in headscarves.

Revulsion at the atrocities of the ISIS pigs is widespread here.


By way of contrast, Tempo reports that one of the country’s most infamous fanatics has staked his claim to the leadership of ISIS in Indonesia.


Ketua Garis


 Chep Hernawan, Chairman of Gerakan Islam Reformis (Garis)  -the self-styled ‘Movement for Islamic Reform,’ made his declaration in Cianjur, West Java, on Thursday, tellling the media that ‘thousands of indonesians have already been recruited to ISIS.’



Before we continue, let’s remind readers what GARIS is all about.

This thug gang was prominent in the riotous scenes in Bogor (also West Java,) when Christians were stopped from worshipping at their church.  They were bussing in hoodlums from outside the city, and I refer you to  relevant links.


logogaris (29.12.2011 West Java: Moderate Muslims defend the Yasmin Church’s Christmas).


 Eva said she had received information that many of the protestors who threatened the Yasmin congregation on Sunday were not even residents of Bogor but had been bussed in from towns several hours away. Yudhoyono Urged to Show Leadership in Yasmin Saga

That’s Eva Kusuma Sundari, the MP, who does a good job fighting these jihadist louts. 



She said she had seen an SMS showing that Garis had mobilized protestors from Sukabumi and Cianjur in West Java.


Chep’s been GARIS leader for some years, and has a near-perfect record of sectarian intolerance

NOW he sets himself up as ISIS boss. Why?

There’s no shortage of fanatic movements here, including his own, so this can only be seen as a deliberate challenge to the Government, which has banned the rapist murder-gang.

‘ISIS Flags? We’ll Burn Them!’ Bravo, General Moeldoko! 

Needless to say, Chep tells us that ISIS here is ‘not the same as ISIS in the Middle East! ISIS in Indonesia only supports and prioritises Shariah, without the use of anarchistic or violent tactics.’

He also denies his ISIS is terrorist, BUT will conduct jihad in a manner better understood by the community.


  • Bantu Jemaat GKI Yasmin, Lily Wahid Sempat Terkepung dan Bersitegang dengan Satpol PP Lily Wahid MP confronts Bogor bigots
  • =======

‘We also urge citizens not to heed issues and opinions which are surfacing at this present time, about the existence of ISIS in Indonesia.’


People have a right to know, and a right to expect the security forces to crack down hard, on anyone who knowingly seeks to legitimise the vile name of ISIS.  


  • devil destroyed ISIS
  • ======
  • Chep could have carried on with his own thug gang, or formed any number of others with a different name.

Instead he opted to adopt a name internationally notorious, that of the foulest fiends in the world.