ISIS Victims Buried Alive?More Sexual Abuse? Obama! Stop Arming The Scum!

Even the ranks of Tuscany could scarce forbear to cheer.

Surely nobody with a tincture of humanity refrained from applause at the news that Obama sent in the USAF to strike a few blows against the ISIS rapist murder-gang in Iraq.  


  • devil destroyed ISIS
  • =====================

As ever, it’s the West that shows some moral fibre, even with Obama in the White House.  

But rest assured, it’s no great new-found abhorrence of jihadist scum on his part. He’s been doing all in his power to arm them in Syria.

He and his RINO collaborators!



They’re flowing in all the time, these extremists. But they still do not make up a sizeable portion,” the Arizona senator said.

When 7,000 members of an al-Qaeda front are acknowledged to be part of a US-backed coalition, one wonders how McCain and his allies are now defining “small.”


Indeed, in another news report I saw this morning, it’s said that the Syrian Army has just been defeated in a battle for an important military base in that country, right next door to where the air strikes have taken place. ISIS militants seize parts of Syrian army base in Raqa

NB – That’s the same Syrian Army Obama wants to see defeated on EVERY battle-field.