Rohani – Kidnapped by ISIS Scum -Not in Iraq But Just Miles From My Home!

Thanks to, for a report that shows Indonesians how the horrors of ISIS are closer to home than many of them imagine.

A girl name Rohani, from the village of Kampung Sukasirna, Desa Tamansari, Kecamatan Rumpin, Bogor, in West Java, is our witness to the evil of ISIS.

Her home is barely a few dozen miles from where I sit in Jakarta.


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  • She told the reporters that she was kidnapped and subjected to indoctrination by ISIS pigs, some SIX years ago!

So these vermin have been operating here at least as long as they’ve been busily raping and murdering in the Middle East.

Whether they were using the same name for their gang we don’t know, but Rohani, and her sister Mingming, got acquainted with a man named Bahrun…


 Pig Bahrun


  • You may know him better as the sleazy creep who recorded that video urging Indonesians to join ISIS – perhaps ashamed to use his real name, he told the world he was Muhamad Al Indonesia.
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  • This happened in Ciputat, in Tangerang, again only a few miles down the road from my home, just across the Jakarta city  limits.
  • It has a market I visited a few years ago – non-descript place, typical of small towns here.
  • I have to add, however, that Tangerang has a nasty reputation for Islamist intolerance..  

Already, in the pesantren Rohani felt uncomfortable with activities engaged in by the ‘students’ and ‘teachers’ – She admits that these involved ‘methods of jihad, including bombing enemies and using fire-arms.’ 

She interestingly tells us that all the time she was there, ‘important guests came and went.’

She identifies one as the (currently imprisoned) terrorist swine Abu Bakar Baasyir.

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  • abu-bakar-ba-asyir Ba’asyir the Beast


The end of her story is part-happy, part-sad, for although she broke through tiles in the roof and made her escape, poor Mingming did not get away so easily.

To this day, that girl’s whereabouts are unknown!

 I rather think I picked up on this story many years ago, in the original RRA, but since that good blog was sabotaged by a lying toe-rag, I can’t dig back that far to check.

Fanatics have been busy for years in Indonesia. I’d like to think this ISIS monstrosity will cure some of those who can’t recognise the problem.

But we have had false dawns before, notably after the Monas Riot in 2008, when plenty of people were demanding a ban on another violent fanatic gang that inflicted sectarian brutality on innocents.



FPI_1_Juni victim monas


But the FPI, whom the President calls his ‘brethren,’ is still with us.