ISIS Indonesian Chief Arrested – But Will He Walk Free Tomorrow?

I knew when I saw the headline today that it wouldn’t be worthwhile cheering.

‘Presiden ISIS‘ Ditangkap di Cilacap

The rabid fanatic we featured in our previous post…

Fanatic Brazenly Declares ISIS Indonesia – What Will Jakarta Do?! 

….  Chep Hermawan, leader of the fanatic gang GARIS, had been arrested.

Great! He did openly declare himself head of ISIS Indonesia.

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  • It turns out that he was nabbed by cops after he went for another nice social get-together with the wicked old swine Abu Bakr Ba’asyir.

They met at the swine’s current home, Nusa Kambangan top security prison, where the demented old SOB is serving time for terrorist offences.

abu-bakar-ba-asyir Ba’asyir

Let’s skip asking why, if Jakarta is eager to clamp down on terrorism, a nasty terrorist criminal is enabled to consort with ISIS fans in a top security prison.

It’s hardly the first time, and says a lot more than I ever could about how seriously certain elements in the regime take the issue of murderous savagery which is exercising decent folk, Muslim and Christian and all others, all over Indonesia.

I might add that after the last meeting (that we know about) STERN measures were taken – some jail staff were threatend with having their ‘promotions postponed!’





Law and Human Rights Minister Amir Syamsuddin denied lax discipline in prisons and for the incident at Pasir Putih Penitentiary he said he would take firm action with respect to the guards and the prisoners involved in pledging support.

that’s support for ISIS!

“We will transfer and postpone promotions for the guards that allowed [the incident] and isolate the [involved] prisoners. I will officiate the punishments soon,” said the Democratic Party politician 

A bloody sick joke!

So let’s look at the follow-up story in Tempo later this afternoon, which tells us that the Muslim Defenders Team (TPM) as well as the personal assistant of Abu Bakar Bashir, Abdullah Hashim, said that Chep Hernawan is not the owner and is not connected to the attributes from Nusa Kambangan Prison.


Brief diversion- the TPM is not, so far as I can tell, often involved in defending ‘normal criminals,’ like Muslims arrested for pick-pocketing on public transport, or even violent muggers. The TPM only appears to take an interest if sectarian scumbags or those who applaud them are picked up. 


It seems the attributes were entrusted to Chep after they visited the prison.

So he WAS in possession of ISIS attributes? Knowingly? Because they were given to him  -by whom?


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  • Chep Hernawan said that the goods were being looked after by his companions to be taken out of the Nusa Kambangan Prison. “They belong to Aman Abdurrahman who is  currently in Kembang Kuning Prison” he said. He said these attributes were entrusted to his friend after information spread that there would be a raid inside Nusa Kambangan .

 So he was aiding and abetting a crim named Aman who was scared his gaff would be turned over in a security raid and the terror regalia discovered?

 Slam dunk for the cops, right?


Cilacap Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Triaspoetra Andry said police were still examining the suspects intensively. “We have 24 hours to prove their involvement in the organization of ISIS,” he said. However, he admitted the difficulty to ensnare the seven people arrested. The ISIS flag had not yet been hoisted. That is, they have not done anything. 


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  • They were in possession of a symbol of a blood-thirsty jihadist gang of rapists and murderers, even now perpetrating foul terrorist offences.  The ISIS flag had not yet been hoisted. That is, they have not done anything. 

So if in 1941, a Brit was caught sneaking a Swastika banner around England’s country roads…


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  • Never mind. This cop sounds relaxed.  

According to him, Chep Hermawan and his friends were polite and cooperative when undergoing examination….“We will ask the prison to check inmates as to who’s the owner of the SIS symbols and from whence they originated, and so on,” he said.

I actually watched Commissioner Andry, on tv, and he looked visibly ill at ease uttering such pap. He said the President yesterday designated ISIS as outlawed.

But that cop didn’t seem too sure if that proscription was a green light to nail the vermin.