He’s Out! Java Cops Turn Loose ISIS Fanatic

Exactly what to make of the way Indonesia’s Police let Chep Hermawan walk free despite his boast that he leads ISIS in this country is a question vexing more than me.

It was only this week that we had a clear statement from the Head of Public Information at Police Headquarters, Brig Joey Boy Amar that ISIS in Indonesia is a terrorist organization. 


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  •  “ISIS has the same vision and mission of the terrorist group. ISIS = treason against the government,” said Brig Joey Boy in Jakarta, Wednesday (08/13/2014)

That’s the intro to a local media report and the way the report is done suggests the contrast between Boy’s words and his colleagues’ action has struck a discordant note.

… on Wednesday (13/8) seven people were caught carrying ISIS attributes after visiting inmates in prisons…one was held and then released again…Chep Hernawan admitted he was a leader or president of a regional ISIS in Indonesia.
…the police cannot prove they did any act or acts that violate the law of terrorism or criminal law.


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  • You must wonder if they ASKED Chep if he was telling the truth when he claimed leadership of ISIS.

If he said, no, he was just fooling, they could make him look a fool by announcing that revelation.

If he said yes, he was ISIS boss here, then that’s surely an admission of membership of an organisation categorised by both Brigadier Boy and President SBY as TERRORIST!

Open and shut case?

Alas, just an open cell door.