Blasting Borobudur? ISIS, Enemies of Civilisation!

The evil scum who support ISIS in Indonesia may not care much for this country, or its people, any more than they care for the welfare of the people who have fallen into their clutches in Iraq.

Ignorant savages.

But while people are more important than material things, let’s not forget their assault on Iraq’s cultural heritage too.  Precious contents of museums, ancient religious sites, all wrecked by rabid fanatics.

And it seems the vermin have their eyes on Indonesia’s priceless monuments as well, as reported yesterday.




  • I’ve been twice, or is it thrice, to Borobudur, a world heritage building, dating back a thousand years or more, and each time I’ve climbed up and around its amazing structure along with hundreds or maybe thousands of Indonesians, astonished and delighted that their country possesses such a fine monument.

It is indeed Buddhist in its origins, but a source of pride to citizens of every creed.

So what to say to a savage who wants to destroy it.

Yet that’s what we find in the report I read to day.

It’s based on a Facebook page,  ‘We Are The Islamic State’ which reveals the plans for the destruction of the temple of Borobudur .

I won’t even beging to scrape the surface of its benighted content.

 Suffice to let you translate it and see for yourselves – but remember the threats are entirely credible, given the mind-set of these fanatics, and not just ISIS but all the worst elements in Indonesia, which I’ve covered more than once here in RRA.


Semar_Wayang Semar


There was that report on a loutish mob, the FUI, in Purwakarta, Central Java, who vandalised statues of Java’s legendary figures, inclduing Semar, Guardian of Java, and Bima, another part of that pantheon.


patung-bima-purwakarta FUI savages amok in Java


And later I reviewd that event, and expressed my concerns for Borobudur!

And that was two years ago!

The author of the breathless diatribe in Facebook goes on, and on, and on, hatred for Indonesia’s heritage flowing down the page, and it ain’t just Borobudur.  

He rails at the statues of Hanuman, the monkey-god from the Ramayana, which apparently line the road to Suharto’s tomb, and at the Regent of  Karanganyar, (a woman, he notes unhappily) who wanted to bring statues from Bali to Solo, to augment the regency’s cultural displays. .

This guy is a piece of work. 

And another good reason for the authorities to stop playing pat-a-cake with ISIS – braying about a ban is pointless if you capture ratbags then let them go in 24 hours time.