Dream The Impossible Nightmare – Jakarta Traffic WORSE?

Just  having another nice cold Bintang here,  a belated celebration of RRA having passed the 800,000 hit mark this weekend!

But just got word from my weekend visitor, homeward bound, that there’s bad traffic down in South Jakarta.

Today we stayed home, relaxing. Just as well, perhaps, as the news relates that this morning, from Slipi to Semanggi, the highway was chaotic, thanks to swarms of IslamoNazi FPI white-shirts staging a ‘convoy’ to mark their 16th anniversary as a sectarian hoodlum gang.

Police were obliged to direct normal people to use the bus lanes!


Traffic is an endless headache here, but we’re told, very convincingly, alas, that Jakarta’s roads are going to get even worse, with the construction of the MRT to start in the near future.


  • P cars galore, or the busway
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  • If people would only use public transport, the problems would be drastically diminished overnght.

On the days I go into town, naturally I avoid the rush hour, and I can testify there are usually plenty of vacant seats on the buses. Before 9am, of course, and after 4pm, it’s a different matter. Yet although nowhere near as bad as peak-periods, there are plenty of private cars cruising along beside my buses, when those drivers could easily sit comfortably, as I do, and let the trusty sopir take the strain! 




  • Moreover, better management of the TransJakarta busway system would ease that congestion, the trouble being that buses tend to arrive in convoys, the first two packed out, the third, and even the fourth, virtually empty.
  • If you’re walking towards the Halte Busway and sight such a trio/quartet just departing, you know you’re fated to wait a while for any more to show up.
  • TransJ drivers should be told to go slow if they see a pack of their colleagues up ahead. 

Police attention to those busway lanes, after a brief flurry of publicity, has fallen away, so that’s something else that could be remedied.

Why not introduce a three-strikes rule and confiscate the vehicles of those who repeatedly flout the rules which forbid non-bus use of the busway lane.


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  • By such draconian action, you’d not only encourage responsibility but oblige those who lose their cars to use the buses – or stay home, if they’re too stuck-up to mix with us common folk. 

There is absolutely no need for so many car-owners to take their vehicles onto these crowded highways, especially if there’s just one person in the car. 


Small steps, but cumulatively useful