Twisted Java ‘Moderate’ Brackets Peaceful Minorities With Evil ISIS!

 General Moeldoko won not just my congratulations but that of  everyone I know, Muslim or Christian or whatever, when he said that if his armed forces found ISIS flags they’d burn them.



ISIS Flags? We’ll Burn Them!’ Bravo, General Moeldoko!

But now we hear from one of his subordinates,   Diponegoro Military Commander Major General Sunindyo, that T-shirts and hats bearing the Daulah Islamiyah (formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) logo are being sold by a number of traders in Purwokerto, Central Java.

And the good Major General has arrested these people, or at least seized the terrorist attributes for aforesaid burning?

No word on that, and you’d think he’d have said so, if he had.  

Elsewhere, in Tegal, where the nice people in whose warteg I eat every day come from, two sellers of ‘coconut ices’ have been arrested on suspicion of ISIS involvement.


devil destroyed    ISIS 

Diduga ISIS, Dua Pedagang Es Kelapa Muda Ditangkap


Mixed messages.

But at least not twisted bigot bleating like that we hear from East Java.



  • The Anti-Heretical Front, Front Anti Aliran Sesat (FAAS) of East Java judges that ISIS is in Indonesia because the government and security forces are not firm enough.

Well, I might have said so myself, but you gotta read on to see how much twisted thinking there is down there.

  • FAAS Chairman, Habib Achmad bin Zein Alkaf, says Indonesia is always beset by heretical cults. “We have not got rid of Ahmadiyah and Shia yet, and here’s ISIS now!”
  • Seriously.
  • ———-
  •  ‘Moderate’ message – demolish the Shia!
  • ———
  • —–
  • This berk puts the peaceful theological dissent of Ahmadis and Shia fellow-citizens on a par with the ‘caliphate’ treason of the ISIS rapist murder-gang?
  • ————–
  • Because he and his kind are not up to effective debate with Ahmadis or Shia, they bracket harmless people with the satanic ISIS?
  • =
  • sampang_0 Shia villagers, refugees in their own country


Mind you, those peaceful people already get punished, no real religious liberty for them, barbarous rabble burn their homes and mosques, craven courts jail their leaders, like the Shia’s Tajul, in Sampang, and at Cikeusik in 2011, savages ran amok and murdered three Ahmadi martyrs.

Sickos hound harmless folk and this bearded bigot condemns them as being much the same as ISIS?

Oh, and guess to which other august body Habib belngs, and indeed serves in an offical capacity.




The state-funded MUI, the council of self-styled ‘scholars.’

What the hell do those ‘scholars’ ever study? Not religious tolerance, for sure.

Oh, and he’s also on the Regional Leadership of the NU, which we are so often told is the main organisation of ‘moderate’ Muslims here. 


  • Nu Nahdlotul Ulama
  • oooooooooooooooo
  • Despite lapses, NU usually does take a sane line on issues, so I was moved to check this geezer out.

And guess what – he’s not averse to collaboration with the notorious Habib Rizieq, High Priest of the IslamoNazi FPI!

We even have a video of their joint appearance, at a heretic-hunting conclave!


Habib Rizieq FPI (fanatic vigilante) with ‘moderate’ NU’s Bin Zein

After their ludicrous anti-Christian activity at Gandaria City mall, right here in Jakarta, I have always been wary of what sort of jihadist jerks are operating under the aegis of the NU.


warga islam tolak gereja di gandaria  For more on that, just refer if you will to our link


Now I guess we have to keep an even closer eye on these ‘moderates!’