After ISIS Borobudur Threat – Police Now Guarding Bali Temples!



A week ago, we posted on the threat by ISIS savages to destroy Indonesia’s most magnificent monument, Borobudur Temple in Jogjakarta. Now it seems the menace has spread to Bali, where police fear the evil fanatics may plan attacks on that island’s Hindu cultural heritage.

It is sadly true that some rabid Islamists have no respect for minority creeds here. We posted on the state-sponsored Indonesian Council of so-called ‘Scholars’  disrespect for Hindus a couple of years ago.

If you flick back to that post…

Bali Hindu King – Don’t Kill Our Cows! Muslim ‘Scholars’ – Get Lost!! 

…you’ll be as horrified as I was at the sheer bigot intolerance of the MUI and its think-alikes. These ‘clerics’ dismissed the protests of the King of Bali over their intention to slaughter cows  for the Idul Adha sacrifices, despite cows being sacred beasts for Hindus, and despite plenty of other animals like goats easily available.

Sheer bloody arrogance!




So if even these ‘establishment’ creeps can belittle Hindu tenets of faith, nobody should be shocked that the ISIS vermin would be planning to launch terror on sacred Hindu sites.

Certainly the cops down there on the Isle of the Gods aren’t taking any chances.