‘Our Sisters Raped By These Filthy Jews and Christians!’ – ‘Some Misunderstanding!’

So now Australia has to decide how to deal with a slimy little weasel named Junaid Thorne, who proclaims that his fellow-‘scholars who support an Islamic State ‘are on the front lines, in the battlefields, backing their words with actions’.

You can find his outburst of naked sectarian hate, in our headline, in the UK media link.

Mohammed Junaid Thorne, who has rejected claims that he leads an extremist youth group tied to terrorist group ISIS, posted that they were ‘suffering in the prisons’ and ‘known for speaking the truth, no matter what it costs them’.

There’s a link to the scumbag’s video here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2731346/Perth-Islamic-preacher-posts-support-Islamic-State-Facebook-denying-leads-extremist-youth-group-linked-ISIS.html but Australians need to make up their minds how to handle vermin like this, who, exposed in the media, is now panting breathlessly that there’s een ‘some misunderstanding.’

Yeah, right.

This guy isn’t even an Arab, or descended from undesirable aliens. The report says he’s an Aborigine!

So how can Oz deport him?

Easy!   ‘  the nonsense of “patriotism”  ‘

He repudiates his duty to his country. His country has no duty to him.

ANY citizen who claims that supranational solidarity with an alien ideology, or religion, or whatever, takes priority over his allegiance to his lawful sovereign, is an undesirable alien, regardless of birth or passport.

When he steps off the plane in Sydney, he should be grabbed, trussed up and put on the next flight over-flying one of the cess-pool lands.

Then drop him.

Softies will say he should be provided with a parachute and since it’s been a lovely sunny day here, I’ll not object. But he doesn’t deserve it.

And let’s not waste public funds!

Here he is in another photo, whose centre-piece is an unkempt sleazy creep called Smith, apparently from Perth (in Oz, not Scotland)

 Whatever goes for Thorne goes for all those pictured here.