Beautiful Bali’s Criminal Cabbies – Warning!

bali dulu breasts Bali in the good old days – before taxis!


Our fave Bali news site carries a useful tale today, and anybody off on holiday to the Isle of the Gods should watch out for these devilish tricksters.

It’s all about a review compiled by Bisnis Bali –

The report alleges that many drivers refuse to use tax meters, preferring negotiated fares imposed on unsuspecting visitors. When passengers adamantly insist on the meter being used, many drivers will take retaliate by taking circuitous routes to ensure the highest possible fare...

I have posted on those airport taxis before, and it is no secret that there’s some kind of mafia/monopoly operating within the airport precinct. Travellers not too encumbered with baggage and or kids should always brush off their approaches, because they quote a fare of Rp.100,000 or more just to take you into Kuta/Legian.

A short walk to the airport perimeter gets you back into the real world, where less greedy drivers will accept Rp.50K 




Consumer Protection Agency spokesman  I Putu Armaya, says this refusal by cabbies to use meters etc ‘requires firm action,‘ but it’s tough to do much when you’re laden down and weary from a long flight.



It appears the Bali Transportation Office can jail drivers and take away their licenses, and that’s what the ratbags deserve.

If you reckon they aint’t playing fair, make sure you take note of their ID and number before you take your leave of them. Bali understands the value of tourism, and you can probably make contact with Armaya’s agency quite easily. Get hotel reception to find the telephone number and report them!

This may not endear you to Wayan Pande Sudirtha, the chairman of Koptax (Taxi Cooperative) at the airport.


  • Ngurah Rai International Airport 3

Bali Cab Monopoly Under Attack – About Time! 

  • The sooner his ‘cooperative’ is broken up and every driver prepared to ply a competitive trade can operate there, the better. He has the brass neck to blame taxi customers citing them as the party requesting that requesting negotiated instead of metered taxi rides.

Of course smart tourists try to cut a deal, rather than risk  the hoary old argo tembak story – meter off!

It’s no fun for anyone who finds him or herself in a position where there’s no choice but taxi to a destination. It’s not just in Bali, either. I rarely use cabs, but tourists shy away from public transport here in Indonesia, probably wisely – it’s a skill that needs to be learned.

Some cabbies are good guys, but there are plenty NOT!

Sudirtha turns out to be really into whinge modethe 907 taxis registered in his cooperative enjoy very limited incomes, he says – hopefully because anyone who knows what they’re like, like me, always warns travellers to avoid using them!

PS There is a bus service, but I won’t know how reliable it is till I go down there again, maybe in December.

Bali Buses Soon, Instead of Rip-Off Airport Cabs?