Eldorado England? No Wonder UK Faces Invading Savages!

.Savages Amok in Calais – Just what Britain needs?


Shocking news from the English Channel today, with a horde of alien savages swarming into the docks at Calais, their aim being to storm the ferries and invade Britain.

One is tempted to echo Churchill’s famous words about fighting them on the beaches and on the landing strips, but Cameron the Clown is about as far a cry from Churchill as it’s possible to imagine.

The contemptible creep won’t stand up to Brussels on border controls, so no wonder these crimmigrants are emboldened to run amok at the harbour! If they did get into the UK, the dastard in Downing Street wouldn’t put them out.

There are thousands of illegals there already, convicted criminals among them aplenty, but to avoid violating the undesirables’ “human rights,” no serious effort to expel more than a handful is foreseeable.

TREASON, or damn near it.


  • Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart speaks to the press outside …
     Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart
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  • Mme. Bouchett, Mayor of Calais, may be no fan of Britannia, but she pinpoints the problem with some perspicacity.
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  • The mayor took issue with British immigration policy which, she complained, is “considered as an Eldorado” by immigrants..
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  • And that is Cameron’s fault, and Blair’s and every Tory or Labour leader who has watched these wasters pour in to batten onto the benefits provided by the blood, sweat and tears of UK tax-payers.
  • I say tears advisedly, because the British Establishment’s folly would make one weep, if it were only folly.
  • But it’s worse than that. It is a calculated, deliberate affront to democracy.
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  • A referendum to remove this cancer, revoke UK adherence to the UN Convention and the Strasbourg/Brussels axis of evil interference would be a walk-over for common sense.
  • ooooooo,
  • If that Mayor Bouchart wants to close the port, it’s up to her.
  • I sympathise with her frustration, but let’s face it, the French Government is also to blame, for not defying the EUSSR and booting these savages back to where they came from, or at least to whichever country they entered France from – apparently Italy.
  • Let the italians boot them back across the Med!.
  • ooo
  • out with them
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The mayor said Britain was not doing enough to deter hundreds of migrants turning up in the town in the hope of getting across the English Channel….she “could take the decision to block the port” after meeting French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve in Paris on Tuesday.


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  • Britain has no authority in France. Paris is where decisions are made – subject to Brussels, of course. Time to end the EUSSR’s misrule in both nations.

 The lady should use her audience with the Minister to demand mass repatriation of these primitives ingrates who have been leeching on France and now want to leech on Britain.

PS meanwhile, Sky news just describes how Brit truckers have been assaulted by ‘asylum’ scum trying to sneak across.





Short-term solutions?

The gendarmerie should declare a curfew and use the firearms they carry to enforce it. And Cameron has Rockall and similar isles where Oz-style Manus detention could be established- if the lure of Eldorado is ended, the parasites will eventually weary of their quest to get their dirty snouts into the UK trough.