JIS Scandal – Windows May Shed Some Light On This Case!


TP also responded to claims that the students could not have been abused in the teachers’ lounge due to the room being enclosed by floor to ceiling glass windows, by arguing that the windows had only recently been installed after the allegations of sexual abuse were first reported.  


That’s from the latest Jakarta Post update on the increasingly weird saga which has been dragging Jakarta International School through the mire.

A lot of people seem convinced that there is more than one agenda in play here.


 LydiaFreyani -anxious at how girls dress in a ‘free and minimal’ way. 


Who knows? Frankly, I’m baffled by the claims and counter-claims.  

But that assertion, by one of the parents of the allegedly abused children, is either true or not.

Either the floor-to-ceiling windows were installed BEFORE the alleged molestation case surfaced, or they weren’t.

School staff, glaziers and paper-work must be available to support or refute the statement.

The Jakarta Post would surely NOT have published such an unequivocal accusation without checking it was accurate…or would it?




With the JP, you never know.