Pinkos Rage at ‘Blue For Boys’ School Satchels!


It’s a word often used by Communists, generally as a justification for aggression against their real or perceived enemies, and so its use in France last month, by various cultural marxist harpies, should come as no surprise.

Their target?

Mayor Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud?

Her crime?

Giving school bags to kindergarten and primary-age kids to mark the new school year.


Puteaux Mayor Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud


But these are no ordinary school-bags!

Well, they are, actually, nice little satchels, blue for boys, pink for girls…

…and THAT’s what’s got the weirdos wailing!

Feminists are disparaging the mayor of Puteaux’s “immaturity” and accusing those who like satchels to have a “girlish” color for girls and a “boyish” one for boys of encouraging inequality, “sexism” and keeping girls from developing their talents.

The real question is, of course, is whether the kids were disappointed with their mayoral gifts. Did the boys cast envious glances at the girls, wishing they’d got a nice jewellery manual? Did the girls offer to swop for a robot? Was any student of either sex (‘gender’ should be relegated to grammar books, where it belongs) embarrassed at being given a school-bag of the appropriate hue?

Had any of those developments occurred, betcha the media would have latched onto it!

 Good luck to the lady in Puteau! She can have the last word today!

The mayor of Puteaux has called the media quarrel a “waste of time.” .